Thermaltake Releases the TT100 Backpack, Redefining Commuting Lifestyles

From Thermaltake Press Release: Thermaltake is thrilled to announce their latest TT100 Backpack, which is made specifically for urban biking and city exploring. The TT100 Backpack features a modern look, seamless installation with Brompton (non-electric version) and Tyrell IVE models, reinforced safety details, IP44-level splash resistance, and the German Fid-Lock magnetic fastener.

With aesthetics, functionality, and a biking lifestyle in mind, Thermaltake has created the TT100 Backpack, which is suitable for your everyday use, urban commuting, and most importantly, demonstrating your lifestyle. Being fully padded and capable of housing up to a 17" laptop, the TT100 sets out to redefine what an urban style should be like and make your everyday carry simpler than ever. In addition, the Thermaltake TT100 Backpack goes well with a detachable aluminum bag frame, which features seamless installation with Brompton (non-electric version) and Tyrell IVE models.

Besides, the windward area has been highly reduced thanks to its unique design, achieving the utmost efficiency and user experience. Furthermore, we have greatly strengthened night safety through the laser-cut details and 3M reflective printing on the surface of the TT100, which makes it far safer when riding in the dark.

It doesn't stop there. The TT100 Back features IP44-level multi-directional splash resistance, allowing you to keep your belongings dry under any weather conditions. On top of that, rocking the German Fid-LOck V Buckle 25 magnetic fasteners, the TT100 ensures it fits completely against your body. Strong magnets inside the straps can keep the bag sung when riding bikes and minimize the time it takes to go from your back to your bike.

Without a doubt, the TT100 is made for urban commuting and city exploring, not only offering a new look of modern commuting but incredible protection for your personal belongings, IP44-level splash resistance, and safety details. Plus, all the features are packed in a sleek, elegant, yet competent form factor. Check it out by yourself.

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