Microsoft is making Bing Chat less crazy

From PC World: Microsoft is planning to update Bing Chat to make it a little less bizarre. OpenAI, meanwhile, is trying to make ChatGPT a bit more neutral.

Microsoft issued a blog post late Wednesday outlining the changes coming to Bing’s AI chatbot, while OpenAI issued a technical blog post on Thursday with more details on how it was tuning its model, too.

It’s hard to believe that the new Bing Chat has only been out a week, but the new Bing has gained a popularity that it has rarely, if ever had. In a blog post, Microsoft pointed to the “increased engagement” that Bing has seen as both its updated search and the Bing Chat AI chatbot have debuted in 169 countries. About 71 percent of users have given AI-powered answers a “thumbs up” using the tools Bing provides, Microsoft said.

Microsoft doesn’t see the new Bing Chat as a search engine, but “rather a tool to better understand and make sense of the world,” according to the anonymous Blog post. But the company does see the need for improvement in queries that ask for up-to-date information, such as sports scores. Microsoft said it’s planning to make available four times the “grounding data” to help solve those problems.

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