Thrown Into Facebook Jail? Meta Says It Will Explain What You Did Wrong

From CNET: Facebook users get frustrated when the social network blocks them from posting on the platform, especially when they don't understand what rules they violated.

Now Facebook's parent company, Meta, says it plans to do a better job of explaining to Facebook users why it removed their post before the company resorts to longer account restrictions.

"The vast majority of people on our apps are well-intentioned," said Monika Bickert, Meta's vice president of content policy in a blog post on Thursday. "Historically, some of those people have ended up in 'Facebook jail' without understanding what they did wrong or whether they were impacted by a content enforcement mistake."

Bickert didn't provide a lot of detail about how Facebook plans to help users better understand why the social network pulled down their post. The company has been updating notifications and content rules.

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