Intel is not already tied with AMD for desktop GPU sales

From PC World: On March 6th, a week after this story initially ran, Jon Peddie Research issued an update to its initial analysis report that lessens the impact of its figures. The dedicated GPU and industrial supercomputer GPU data was combined for Intel, giving the company an inflated 9 percent market share instead of a more accurate 6 percent market share. According to the updated report, Intel is in third place, behind AMD with its unchanged 9 percent dedicated GPU market share. Our original story follows.

For decades, the market for desktop graphics cards has had two players: AMD (formerly ATI) and Nvidia. Intel decided to enter those hotly-contested waters in 2022 with its Arc series of GPUs along with similar dedicated offerings for laptops. According to a report on graphics card market share, Intel managed to grab 9 percent of dedicated desktop GPU sales by the end of the 2022 calendar year—the same amount of the market that AMD had for the same timeframe.

The figures come from Jon Peddie Research, which paints an otherwise dismal picture for the current GPU market, following trends for PC sales in general. The same report says that desktop graphics card sales in total dropped by 24 percent, the largest drop in over a decade. And 9 percent market share isn’t exactly something you parade in front of the shareholders, especially when Nvidia continues to dominate with a near-monopoly at 82 percent.

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