Spotify Is Giving Its Home Screen a Makeover

From CNET: Spotify is revamping its home screen to make it easier to find new content, adding video and audio previews for music, podcasts and audiobooks.

The app's layout is also moving away from a grid of album covers, in favor of an infinite scroll akin to a TikTok feed.

"You'll see Spotify, I think, come alive," Spotify founder Daniel Ek told CBS. "You're gonna see a lot more interactive content."

The company announced the makeover on Wednesday at its Stream On event, along with new tools for podcasters and ways for musicians to further interact with their fans.

The Spotify home screen will now offer a stream of previews of music, shows, podcasts, audiobooks and other content that users can save, share or explore, as well as new video feeds for discovery in the Search section.

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