Epic will now let developers self-publish to the Epic Games Store

From The Verge: Epic Games is finally going to let developers self-publish games to the Epic Games Store beginning Thursday. The change could mark a potentially seismic shift for the PC storefront because now that self-publishing is available, a lot more games may show up on the store.

The big draw for developers is Epic’s generous revenue share model. Epic takes a 12 percent commission on game sales, meaning developers keep the money earned from the remaining 88 percent. Valve generally takes a 30 percent cut on its competing Steam marketplace, though that cut decreases if your game hits certain sales milestones.

Epic also doesn’t necessarily take any cut of in-app purchases. Developers can keep the entire split if they use their own payment system, making the store an enticing platform for big free-to-play live service games. Many Riot Games titles are on the store, for example, and “Riot gets everything, and we’re happy for them,” Steve Allison, VP and general manager of the Epic Games Store, said in an interview with The Verge.

The submission fee per game on the Epic Games Store is $100, like Steam’s. If you self-publish a game on the Epic Games Store, however, there are a few rules you have to abide by. If your game includes multiplayer, it will have to support crossplay for all PC stores, for example. And games launching after Thursday must include Epic’s achievements if they have achievements on other PC platforms.

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