Amazon is finally warning us about frequently returned products

From PC World: There’s a cost to Amazon returns—on both the consumer and retailer side. It takes time and money to make a return, and then there are the environmental costs, not just from additional transit, but also from the dumping of unwanted products. But Amazon appears to be trying to minimize those hits to everyone’s bottom line with the launch of warning labels on frequently returned products.

As reported by The Information, small banners have begun to appear on listings where the product gets sent back often. The label notes the product’s status as a frequently returned product, along with a prompt to check item details and reviews before purchasing. You can still make returns on these items—the 30-day window still applies to most goods. But this warning system is designed to cut down on the number of times people return something in disappointment.

You can see the label in action on several third-party listings found by The Information—one for the Pro-Ject Automat A1 record player, as well as two dresses. You may need to be signed into an Amazon account to see the warning label.

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