T-Mobile Continues Growth Streak With 1.3 Million New Customers

From CNET: T-Mobile saw continued customer growth in the first quarter, adding a combined 1.3 million net customers across its phone and internet businesses, the company said during its Q1 earnings call Thursday.

The carrier reported 538,000 net phone additions, the metric used by the industry to denote success and dependable revenue. T-Mobile said its 5G network reaches 98% of Americans and that its higher-speed "Ultra Capacity" 5G network now covers 275 million people, with a goal to reach 300 million by the end of the year.

It gets increasingly difficult to reach the last slices of the American population given geography constraints, said Ulf Ewaldsson, T-Mobile's executive vice president of network. "I would say it's about three times harder for every 10 [thousand people] you add," he said.

Ewaldsson noted that T-Mobile has 150MHz of dedicated midband 5G spectrum, and as the carrier shifts more frequency from 4G LTE to 5G, it'll end the year with over 200MHz on midband. "We're very confident that we'll reach [our year-end goal] with the build plan we have today," he said.

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