AMD targets Chromebooks with its powerful Ryzen 7000 chips

From PC World: AMD continues its march into Chromebooks today with its first Ryzen 7000 processors for the inexpensive laptops powered by Chrome OS.

AMD announced the Ryzen 7000 Mobile series this past January, bouncing across four separate architectures that make up the new processors for laptops. AMD’s efforts in Chromebooks date back to 2020, with Ryzen 5000 C-series chips for Chromebooks debuting last year.

Now, AMD has announced four new C-series chips for Chromebooks: the Ryzen 5 7520C, the Ryzen 3 7320C, the Athlon Gold 7220C, and the Athlon Silver 7120C. AMD says they’re all designed for mainstream Chromebooks.

The details of the new chips are:

- Ryzen 5 7520C: 4 cores/8 threads, 2.8GHz base, 4.3GHz boost
- Ryzen 3 7320C: 4 cores/8 threads, 2.4GHz base, 4.1GHz boost
- Athlon Gold 7220C: 2 cores/4 threads, 2.4GHz base, 3.7GHz boost
- Athlon Silver 7120C: 2 cores/2 threads, 2.4GHz base. 3.5GHz boost

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