Apple Says iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Due to iOS 17 Bug, Not Hardware Design

From CNET: Widespread complaints about overheating of the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max can be traced to several factors, including a software bug in iOS 17, Apple told CNET on Saturday.

The company said the new phones' titanium frame and aluminum substructure aren't contributing to the issue, and that they dissipate heat better than the stainless steel used in prior Pro models.

Days after the iPhone 15 series went on sale, people started to share stories about how their new phones overheated or felt excessively hot. Some users couldn't comfortably hold their phone. Others shared pictures of infrared thermometers showing the temperature of their iPhone hitting more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

While spending time with the phones for my iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max review, I didn't have trouble with either one overheating. The 15 Pro Max did become noticeably hot after I used my MacBook Pro's 140W power adapter to charge it. It also got quite warm after I played Resident Evil Village for 30 minutes.

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