Google takes another step towards a password-free future

From PC World: Technology giants continue to move towards password-free logins with passkeys. Passkeys create a cryptographic key pair with trusted devices (such as a smartphone) and a pin code or biometric authentication method, such as fingerprint or face reading, which can then be used to log in to sites and services.

The idea is to make account security easier and more secure than passwords. And now Google is taking further initiatives to get us to ditch the somewhat outdated login method. In a blog post, the company writes that it is starting to offer passkeys as the default login method when trying to access your Google account.

The aim is to reduce the use of traditional passwords and help users better protect their accounts. As we all know, passwords can be leaked in breaches of various services, and as poor humans, we often reuse the same password in multiple places. So one tiny password leak can start a domino effect of hijacked logins if you’re unlucky. Passkeys prevent that.

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