Even Notepad is being tied to Copilot AI in Windows 11

From PC World: You might think that, as a generic text editor, Notepad would sit out Microsoft’s AI roadmap. Nope. And Microsoft is also testing shortcuts in which Copilot can be used to trigger often-used actions, such as summarizing a page.

Microsoft made a number of proposed changes that it’s testing out in its Canary and Dev Channels on Thursday. For one, both channels will operate under the same build numbers for a short time — and if you trigger the winver command, the builds will show up as “24H2”. “This denotes that Windows 11, version 24H2 will be this year’s annual feature update,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

Both the Microsoft Dev and Canary Channel represent Microsoft’s next-gen code base, where it tries out future releases. The new build, Build 26052, was accompanied by changes both to Windows as well as corresponding apps. Windows feature updates now include the “sudo” command, normally associated with Linux, where developers can try out elevated changes and bypass normal Windows safeguards. Meanwhile, both the Snipping Tool and Notepad received interesting changes.

Both of the app changes are being made via the Dev and Canary channels, too. Notepad is the more interesting one, because of the fundamental changes being made to the text editor.

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