Hackers Hit Company Behind Tile Tracker, Steal Customer Data

From PC Mag: Mobile tracker company Tile was hit by a cyberattack that compromised private customer data.

Chris Hulls, CEO of Tile parent company Life 360, confirms that it's dealing with a "criminal extortion attempt" and "the potentially impacted data consists of information such as names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and Tile device identification numbers."

Credit card numbers, passwords and log-in credentials, location data, and government-issued identification numbers are not at risk, Hulls says.

Hackers breached Tile after obtaining credentials that reportedly belonged to a former Tile employee, according to 404Media. The outlet spoke with the hacker and obtained screenshots of the tools they exploited, including those that allowed them to send out push notifications, transfer Tile accounts from one email address to another, and create new administrative users.

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