Blink's New 'Moments' Feature Captures Daily Action From Multiple Cameras

From CNET: Blink, the brand behind the tiny Blink Mini 2 and all-purpose Blink Outdoor 4, has created a new feature called Blink Moments. Blink cams could already showcase a 24-hour snapshot from a single camera, but Moments is far more advanced. It focuses only on the action identified by object detection and can stitch together views from multiple different Blink cameras into one cohesive clip, like your personal movie director.

According to Blink's research, the average Blink user has around three cameras per household -- Blink cameras are affordable, which may help make multiple purchases feasible. Switching between camera footage for a better look can be surprisingly valuable. With this new feature, you'll get a pared-down look at exactly what happened during an event, like tracking footage of a person wandering from the front door into the backyard. And you won't have to spend time shuffling between recorded Blink footage to piece it together.

"Moments is a whole new way for our customers to engage with their footage," said Jonathan Cohn, head of product at Blink. "Whether it's their family playing outside, packages being delivered, or pets exploring the yard, Blink Moments combines the moments that matter into one video."

We haven't seen a daily snapshot feature as customized as this before, and I like the idea for any home that has multiple cameras set up. For now, Moments only works with Blink cams, and you'll need a Blink Subscription Plus plan starting at $10 a month. That subscription also adds the necessary object recognition features and cloud storage which enable this service. It's worth considering if you're tired of getting even the smartest alerts on your phone and you want a camera service that simply sums it all up at the end of the day.

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