APH Networks Reviews: Tagan A+ Black Pearl WCR

Here in North America, everything is bigger the better. The bigger the TV, the better. The bigger your computer monitor, the better. The bigger the fridge, the better. That's because big houses here are really that common. But in that regard, "the bigger the house, the better" is almost a universal appeal. That said, you got to see the cars around here (Or USDM cars if you don't live in US or Canada). For almost every new design, cars gets longer and wider by a few inches. Check out the new Honda Accord. Or heck, today's Civic is the size of an Accord a decade back. Then there's computer cases. Is the bigger the better? It seems that full tower cases has garnered more appeal than ever before. I don't recall anyone owning anything more than midtower beige boxes in 2001. Lately, computers with hot running components, half a dozen hard drives, and a couple of graphics cards that extends past the edge of your motherboard, it's not illogical that large full tower eATX cases are landing in the home of many computer enthusiasts to accommodate all those components. Today, we'll take a look at the Tagan A+ Black Pearl WCR case -- an update to their popular A+ Black Pearl chassis, now with pre-drilled holes for water cooling support. Built by Lian Li, the company with a reputation for legendary quality cases, the Tagan A+ Black Pearl looks like a winner on paper. But how does it accomplish its task in real life? We'll have to see about that in our review today.

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