Lenovo mulls Fujitsu Siemens investment

From EETimes: The Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo is considering to take over the Siemens shares in the Fujitsu Siemens Computer joint venture. According to media releases here, the company says that it is considering "all options".

Siemens reportedly is preparing its exit from Fujitsu Siemens Computer (FSC). The company, headquartered in Maarssen (Netherlands) runs manufacturing and development sites in several cities, predominantly in Germany. Now German weekly Euro am Sonntag quotes Lenovo CEO Bill Amelio saying that every option is possible as long as the price is right.

It is open if Siemens intends to sell its entire stake or only parts of it, and to how many prospects. According to Euro am Sonntag speculations, Fujitsu will take over Siemens' stake and then resell the consumer business to Lenovo. Amelio, however, declined to comment on the speculation as well as Siemens.

The value of Europe's largest computer manufacturer is estimated to € 1 billion (about $1.34 billion).

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