10 Million Nintendo Wii Consoles Sold in Record Breaking Year

From DailyTech: Nintendo earned record breaking success in 2008 selling 10.17 million Nintendo Wii consoles and 9.95 million Nintendo DS portable consoles according to the latest NPD numbers.

No video game system in history had ever sold more than 10 million units in a single year in America. The previous record was set by the Nintendo DS with sales of 8.52 million units in 2007. Amazingly, this is a number Nintendo was able to exceed in 2008 with both their home console the Nintendo Wii and their portable the Nintendo DS.

Nintendo dominated home console sales in 2008 as 55 percent of all next generation consoles purchased was a Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo DS also claimed 72 percent of all portable system sales in 2008.

Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing summarized the secret to Nintendo's success stating, "If you offer consumers an expanded definition of what a video game can be, and deliver that idea with quality and affordability in mind, millions of new people will start playing video games.”

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