Microsoft confirms Surface Book 2’s power problem

From The Verge: Microsoft’s 15-inch Surface Book 2 laptop suffers from battery drain during heavy gaming or GPU usage, a problem The Verge first identified during our review of the device last week. While plugged into the supplied charger, the battery on the base of the device will drain during certain games if the power settings are set to max performance to fully utilize the power of the hardware.

“Surface Book 2 was designed to deliver unmatched power and performance for anyone who needs a powerful machine to work and create, making it a great option for STEM professionals (designers, developers, engineers),” explains a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge. “The Surface Book 2 Power Mode Slider is provided as a means to give the user control over the range of performance and battery life. In some intense, prolonged gaming scenarios with Power Mode Slider set to ‘best performance’ the battery may discharge while connected to the power supply provided in-box with Surface Book 2. However, through power management design, the battery will never drain entirely, ensuring that users are able to keep working, creating or gaming.”

The amount of drain varies between games, screen resolution, and maximum load on the GPU. We’re still carrying out additional tests on a new Surface Book 2 unit after a defective power supply caused additional issues on our review unit. The max performance setting is required to play games, as during my tests I’ve found that performance rapidly drops during the other battery-efficient settings.

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