APH Networks Reviews: V-MODA Vibe II

When Bart Simpson in the episode Simpsons Bible Stories starts dreaming and sees himself as King David, he discovers that his 'oldest friend Methuselah' (Who is presented by his grandpa Abe Simpson) has been stabbed in the back, and dies in front of him. Bart then asks Grampa Simpson who killed him, of whom promptly said that it was "Goliath". Bart replies with an element of surprise as he says, "But Goliath is dead. I smolt him myself. I smolt him good." Grampa then quickly answers with surprising speed, "No, it was his son, Goliath II." Instantly, Bart screams, "NOOOOOOO", and added that "Goliath II is going to pay. And this time, it's Biblical." I'm not going to tell you the entire story, but here's the thing: While the story is very loosely based on the Bible's account of the event (And by loosely, I mean very loosely with regards to its near zero Biblical factual accuracy) here's one thing: After approximately one and a half years upon the introduction of the excellent V-MODA Vibes, the market has become much more competitive in its price range. I can't go as far as the original Vibes are dead by any means, but while they were largely excellent -- pun intended -- and shocked the enthusiast market during its debut, its road to perfection still retains a short distance. There are certain areas that can definitely be improved whether it'd be its sound characteristics or physical design. Fast forward to the present, here's the rightly named Goliath II -- or in this case, the loosely related name V-MODA Vibe IIs. Combined with all the improvements upon the areas that I've complained about in the past, and adding a microphone, it transformed from an already large giant to an impressive hundred feet gigantic giant -- like it is in the Simpsons episode. And here's the good part: The Goliath II story is fictional, and Goliath II in the story dies in the end. The V-MODA Vibe IIs are not fictional. And the V-MODA Vibe II earphones too good to be killed off that easily. It is just so much better than the original Vibes in my opinion; you just got to experience it to believe it. Or you can read my review, whichever comes first.

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