Western Digital Joins the Club of Half-Terabyte Mobile Hard Drives

From X-bit Labs: Western Digital, a leading maker of hard disk drives (HDDs), has unveiled its first mobile 500GB hard drive that features standard form-factor and fits mainstream notebooks. In addition, the company began to offer 400GB HDD as well.

WD Scorpio Blue offers 400GB and 500GB capacities, features 5400rpm motor, 8MB of cache and Serial ATA-150/300. The manufacturer declares 5.5ms average latency as well as 12ms average seek time for the new hard disk drives. The unveiled Scorpio Blue features three 166GB platters, which are currently the largest in the industry of 2.5” hard disk drives. Nevertheless, the novelty’s height is just 9.5mm, whereas some of the drives with comparable capacity feature 12.5mm height.

The new Scorpio Blue features an array of WD’s exclusive technology’s aimed at improving performance, reducing noise and power consumption and protecting the drive from shocks.

"WD continues to provide the mobile market with high-capacity storage everywhere consumers and business professionals travel," said Jim Morris, WD's vice president and general manager of notebook storage. "Notebook system manufacturers continue to improve performance, while adding data-hungry features. The WD Scorpio Blue 400 GB and 500 GB hard drives provide the capacity needed to maximize the latest features and functions available in today's notebook computers, while relying on WD's exceptional reliability."

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