Facebook's TOS Changes Anger Some Users

From DailyTech: The previous Facebook terms of service (TOS) stated that if a user closed his or her Facebook account, rights to original content posted on the profile would eventually expire. The recent TOS changes, however, give Facebook the ability to use uploaded content any way they see fit through an unending and irrevocable license.

Bloggers and Twitter users discovered the new TOS earlier this morning and a mini-uproar has taken place by a number of Facebook users.

VisionTek Claims to be Largest North American ATI Radeon Channel Supplier

From X-bit Labs: VisionTek Products, a leading supplier of graphics cards, PC/TV tuners and PC accessories, said on Friday that it became the No. 1 North American channel partner for ATI, graphics products group of Advanced Micro Devices, in 2008. The company said that in 2008 it managed to boost its shipments to the levels higher compared to other suppliers of ATI Radeon-based graphics boards.

Update: Google opens Android store to paid apps

From InfoWorld: evelopers of Android applications finally will be able to charge consumers for them, ending a few months of free Android downloads and potentially making Google's mobile platform more attractive to developers.

HTC Unveils Updated IPhone 3G Rival and Touch Pro2

From PC World: High Tech Computer (HTC), the largest maker of handsets that run Microsoft Windows Mobile software, unveiled updates to two of its most popular smartphones ever on Monday, the HTC Touch Diamond2 and HTC Touch Pro2 handsets.

Sony Ericsson unveils new strategy

From CNET News.com: Sony Ericsson has been hit hard by the global recession, but the company says it has a new strategy focused on services and entertainment that it hopes will get it back on track.

On Sunday evening here on the eve of GSMA's Mobile World Congress, the cell phone maker, which is a joint venture between consumer electronics maker Sony and telecom equipment maker Ericsson, unveiled a new strategy that it says fuses "communication and entertainment."

Flash 10 coming to most smartphones in 2010

From CNET News.com: A full-fledged version of the Adobe Flash player is coming soon to a whole slew of smartphones. Unfortunately, Apple's iPhone isn't one of them.

Logitech G19 Color LCD Gaming Keyboard Delayed

From DailyTech: Logitech's most advanced gaming keyboard, featuring a color LCD screen, has been delayed by two months to early May. Logitech was unable to provide a reason for the delay.

Why was there no poll last week?

What poll?
10% (28 votes)
I don't know, some bureaucracy stuff probably
18% (48 votes)
"The chc" is just too lazy
42% (112 votes)
Where's the reviews as well?
19% (52 votes)
Happy Valentine's Day!
11% (29 votes)
Total votes: 269

Vista to Windows 7 Free Upgrade Plans Leaked?

From Tom's Hardware: From reports of the beta experience, Windows 7 is the new Microsoft OS that everyone’s been waiting for -- for both XP and Vista users. Some consumers can’t afford to wait, however, need to purchase new hardware soon. For those such consumer, and those on the fence, Microsoft will offer a program where those who purchase a new PC with Vista within a certain date range will be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 7.

Intel and Nvidia Finally Let SLI Multi-GPU Technology Into Latest Intel Mainboards

From X-bit Labs: After months of existence of Intel Core i7 central processing units and Intel X58 platform and mainboards Intel Corp. and Nvidia Corp. have finally decided to sign a licensing agreement that allows Intel to enable Nvidia’s SLI multi-GPU rendering technology on its own DX58SO motherboard widely known as “Smackover”.


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