ATI Radeon HD 4890 Comes Closer as Chips Passes Certification

From X-bit Labs: PCI special interest group has certified compatibility of the yet-not-announced code-named ATI RV790 graphics processor with the PCI Express 2.0 bus. Such certification indirectly confirms that the graphics card currently known as the Radeon HD 4890 is about to be released commercially.

HTC to launch 'at least' three Google phones this year

From InfoWorld: High Tech Computer (HTC) will ship "at least" three smartphones this year that use Google's Android software, HTC's CEO said Tuesday.

HTC, already the largest maker of smartphones that use the Windows Mobile OS, was first to the market with an Android-based smartphone last year, when it teamed up with Google and T-Mobile to launch the G1 in the U.S.

Intel Dispute Won't Choke Supply of AMD Chips

From PC World: Intel Corp.'s threat to pull its cross-licensing deal with AMD Inc. is unlikely to result in a shortage of AMD processors in the market, experts said Monday.

"Gosh, I'd worry more about a meteor slamming into the Earth," said Nathan Brookwood, a longtime analyst with Insight64, noting that very few patent lawsuits in Silicon Valley result in either party being forced to halt production.

Yahoo to streamline redesigned home page

From CNET After getting an earful from disgruntled testers of its revamped home page, Yahoo is working on a new incarnation that will dramatically speed up access to e-mail.

Mac, iPod Sales Drop 16 Percent in February

From DailyTech: It’s been a fast paced start to the year for Apple. The electronics superpower has rolled out a new laptop, new desktops, and even a new iPod Shuffle -- priced for the recession at $79. However, what would normally make for another record setting start of the year for Apple is fast turning south as fears of the recession has sent customers fleeing from Apple's pricey luxury lineup.

EVGA Promotions Offers NVIDIA 3D Vision, SLI Motherboard on Loan

From DailyTech: With times tough economically, and sales of both personal computers and PC components down, manufacturers and board makers are turning to creative promotions to try to jump start sales. One such intriguing promotion was launched this week by EVGA, maker of motherboards and graphics cards.

Google adds ads to Picasa photo site

From CNET Google has begun showing ads on search results at its Picasa site for sharing photos, part of its gradual expansion of advertising across its numerous Web properties.

Pages for photos and galleries doesn't show ads, but search results do for some people. The ads are located in a yellow-tinted "sponsored links" section above the photo results for some in the United States. (See screenshot below.)

Nvidia cites chip fix payments, nixes large event

From CNET Nvidia paid out $43.6 million to cover costs associated with graphics chip defects in its 2009 fiscal year, and in a separate development, a spokesman said Monday the company has no plans this year to hold the large-scale Nvision conference that it hosted last year.

Mozilla says next Firefox likely months away

From CNET Mozilla had planned to release its new "Shiretoko" version of Firefox in early 2009, but with the scale of changes made to the open-source browser, a date halfway through the year now looks more realistic.

After releasing Firefox 3.1 beta 3 last week, the organization behind the browser said a fourth beta is planned--and with the new version number 3.5.

Cisco's virtualization push could benefit consumers

From CNET At first glance Cisco Systems' latest announcement that it's entering the server market seems like another boring corporate IT announcement, but take a closer look. The company's long-term vision of a "virtualized" data center could eventually revolutionize how consumers will one day access new services via the Net.


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