Google to Push Gmail to BlackBerrys

From PC World: Google has unveiled a new service that will push Gmail and calendar items to the native client software on BlackBerry devices, stepping up the search giant's efforts in the enterprise market.

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AMD Celebrates 40 Years Anniversary

From X-bit Labs: On the 1st of May, 1969, seven ex-Fairchild employees, including Jerry Sanders, Ed Turney, John Carey, Sven Simonsen, Jack Gifford, Frank Botte, Jim Giles and Larry Stenger founded Advanced Micro Devices. Initially a manufacturer of random access memory, simplistic logic chips and clones of Intel Corp.’s microprocessors, AMD is now the company that ships innovative central processing units, core-logic sets and graphics processors.

HP allies with RIM for mobile business on Blackberry

From InfoWorld: Hewlett-Packard and Research In Motion plan to design and sell business software together for RIM's popular BlackBerry smartphones.

The two companies will design and launch new software to improve productivity among business people who need to work while on the move, they said in a joint statement.

Zenprise Can Find Lost BlackBerrys Remotely

From PC World: An upgrade to Zenprise's mobile-phone management software will let IT administrators find lost phones, using GPS to locate the devices.

Device Manager, an add-on to the Zenprise MobileManager, initially only works on BlackBerry phones. If a worker loses a BlackBerry, an IT administrator can remotely locate the device on a Google Map.

Former Xbox Executive Leaves Microsoft for Apple

From DailyTech: A Microsoft executive who most recently led the company's Xbox business unit in Europe is departing the company after taking a job at Apple's European offices.

Richard Teversham worked at Microsoft for 15 years and most recently was a senior director of business, insights and strategy for the Xbox business group. He reportedly will work in some type of "education-related role" at the Apple European office.

Sprint's losses mount in first quarter

From CNET Troubled wireless operator Sprint Nextel continued to lose customers in the first quarter of 2009 as financial losses mounted amid stiff competition in the wireless market.

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Google Sued Over 'Android' Name

From PCWorld: The owner of an obscure Illinois software development company is suing Google and everyone else in the Open Handset Alliance over their use of the word "Android."

The suit has made public the fact that Google's own attempts to trademark the word have been rejected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), largely because the software developer, Eric Specht, had been granted a PTO trademark for his company's name, Android Data.

Reports: Apple to Cut Its Mac Computer Prices

From DailyTech: Faced with slumping sales and stinging criticism from competitor Microsoft over its high prices, Apple is reportedly going to try a price cut to spur its computer sales. While Apple's general sales have been saved by its iPhone, its computer sales, both for laptops and desktops have slumped. It is still earning more profit than some competitors thanks to large profit margins, but as losses continue, the company is becoming increasingly concerned.

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