Nokia Accelerates Music Push With Services and Phones

From PC World: Nokia plans to launch its Comes With Music service and open Nokia Music Stores in more countries in the coming months, it said on Wednesday. The company also showed two new XpressMusic phones.

Comes With Music packages mobile phones with a year or 18 months of unlimited access to about 5 million tracks in the Nokia Music Store, and allows buyers to keep any tracks they download even after the year is over, according to Nokia.

Microsoft: Azure not pie in the sky

From CNET The software maker unveiled Windows Azure at its Professional Developers Conference in October. Since then, the company has said that pieces of Azure will be ready in final form by the end of the year, but the company has been rather quiet about how Azure is doing.

NVIDIA Offers Startups a $5M Helping Hand

From DailyTech: New companies looking to get started in the technology industry today are finding that venture capital (VC) funds are harder to come by than they were only six months ago thanks to the worsening economy. That means that some new startups that need VC to launch won't be able to get started and some companies operating on VC funds will be forced out of business.

More Efficient CPUs from Intel Coming this Year

Nvidia Drops GeForce GTX 260 Pricing

From X-bit Labs: In a bid to not let ATI, graphics products group of Advanced Micro Devices, to gain market share in performance-mainstream market segment, Nvidia Corp. has reduced the recommended pricing of its GeForce GTX 260 core 216 to $199 in order to compete against ATI Radeon HD 4870 1GB at the same price-point.

Mozilla bumps up Firefox 3.1 to 3.5

From InfoWorld: "As recently proposed, the version number of the Shiretoko project will be changed to Firefox 3.5 before the upcoming fourth beta release," said Mike Beltzner, Mozilla's director of Firefox, in a brief entry to the company's developer blog.

iPhone developers unable to renew contracts

From CNET Apple developers are having a tough time renewing their iPhone development licenses, according to reports.

Microsoft Says Desktop Virtualization Is Costly, Inappropriate for Most

From DailyTech: Many in the tech community believe that virtualization is the wave of the future. It allows for hardware consolidation, power savings, legacy support – this all adds up to potentially increased productivity and cost savings. However, some are not wholeheartedly on the virtualization bandwagon.

AMD Unveils ATI FirePro 2450 Graphics Card

From DailyTech: AMD has announced its latest professional ATI video card called the ATI FirePro 2450 multi-view. The card is a low profile, half-length graphics card that offers support for four monitors. The video card can support four different DVI or VGA monitors via dual VHDCI connectors and included breakout cables and adapters.

Symantec Warns of Worm's Return

From PC World: A third version of Downadup has been identified by Symantec, which says the new variant gives infected machines more powerful instructions to disable antivirus software and analysis tools, among other actions.


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