Nintendo Officially Unveils New DS

From DailyTech: The new unit, called the "DSi" will keep the trademark double-screen (DS), while expanding the screens to 3.5 inches, a 17 percent increase in size. Like Apple's iPods, Nintendo is cramming more into a smaller space, fitting the jumbo new screens into a package that's 12 percent thinner than the previous DS. The general look of the handheld is otherwise relatively unchanged, with the stylus being perhaps slightly larger.

AMD Claims Forthcoming “Shanghai” Chip to Be 35% Faster than Existing

From X-bit Labs: A vice president of Advanced Micro Devices said in an interview that the forthcoming quad-core AMD Opteron processor code-named Shanghai will have roughly 35% performance advantage over predecessor at the same clock-speed. If the information is correct, then AMD’s chips will have all chances to challenges products by arch-rival Intel in the higher-end segment.

HP to buy LeftHand Networks for storage virtualization, iSCSI

From InfoWorld: Hewlett-Packard will buy LeftHand Networks for $360 million to fill in its storage virtualization and iSCSI lines with products for medium-size companies and remote offices and branches.

Report: Fujitsu to sell hard drive unit to Western Digital

From CNET Fujitsu is in talks to sell its hard disk drive business to Western Digital, according to a Japan-based report.

Western Digital is the second-largest hard disk drive maker in the world behind Seagate Technology. Fujitsu's HDD unit is ranked sixth.

Microsoft Pays for Searching 'Til April 2009, Firefox Users Not Welcome

From DailyTech: Microsoft is the world leader in the operating system world. Its Xbox 360 console is a strong second worldwide, with excellent hardware sales. The company is even salvaging its reputation with clever new ads.

ARM Targets Mobile Internet Devices with New Platforms

From X-bit Labs: Despite of lackluster welcome by the market, mobile Internet devices (MIDs) are projected to become relatively popular going forward, which is why companies like Intel Corp. are actively developing Atom microprocessors and platforms for such products. But this does not mean that traditional players on the market of mobile electronics are standing still: ARM Holdings also expects its micro-architecture to power MIDs next year.

Toshiba shows prototype fast-charging laptop battery

From InfoWorld: Toshiba showed off a prototype of its fast-charging SCiB battery designed for laptops on Tuesday, but said the technology is still a ways off from making its way into computers.

SCiB, or Super Charge Ion Batteries, are designed to recharge to 90 percent capacity within 10 minutes, and will last longer and endure more recharge cycles than current lithium-ion batteries.

PC Video Cards With Toshiba's SpursEngine Coming Soon

From PC World: The first add-in video cards based on Toshiba's SpursEngine video chip will soon hit the market, as the company looks to tap growing user interest in high-definition video.

Pricey Apples Hold 20 Percent of Retail Notebook Sales and 35 Percent of Revenue

From DailyTech: Independent research often is used to verify thing we knew all along. Among the studies to fall in this category was the recent market research which confirmed that Apple computers, on average, cost nearly twice as much as Vista computers. This is good news for Apple, who despite a reinvigorated advertising campaign from Microsoft, is cashing in on its chic brand image.

Articles Roundup September 30, 2008


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