Microsoft releases open-source content management app

From InfoWorld: Microsoft has released an early version of an open-source content management platform that developers can use to build sophisticated blogs or large Web sites.

Gmail Integrates Task List, Keeps You Organized

From PC World: If keeping Gmail open all the time just wasn't enough, Google gave us one more reason to stay glued to our computer screens. The Labs Team have released yesterday a new feature for Gmail - Tasks - basically a To-Do list manager. But besides the usual task list bonanza, the new feature can also associate emails with tasks and create multiple to-do lists.

Second Firefox 3.1 beta brings significant changes

From CNET Usually not much happens to a software product from one point release to the next, much less one beta version to the next. But Mozilla has made quite a few changes with the second beta of Firefox 3.1, released Monday.

Sony to Cut 8,000 Jobs

From DailyTech: Sony announced it will cut its electronics workforce by 8,000 over the next two years while also shutting 10 percent of its worldwide manufacturing sites.

The Japanese company hopes to trim $1.1 billion in costs while cutting the jobs from now until April 2010. It's uncertain which countries would be hardest hit, though it is likely locations in the United States and Japan will suffer high job reductions.

Intel tries to get devices to communicate faster with silicon photonics

From InfoWorld: Intel on Sunday is expected to detail advances in an emerging field of technology that it said will boost optical communication speeds, allowing for faster data transfers between devices.

The company has developed a device, the Avalanche Photodetector (APD), that senses light pulses and amplifies output signals for faster data transfer over long distances, the company said.

iPhone to Debut at Wal-Mart: $2 Price Drop

From PC World: Wal-Mart will reportedly become the second major retail chain - after Best Buy - to sell Apple's iPhone. The iPhone 3G will be sold for $197 for the 8GB version, a whopping $2 cheaper than in AT&T and Apple stores.

Roadmap of future Intel Netbook chips surfaces

From CNET One recent version of Intel's handheld and Netbook roadmap shows a chip platform code-named Medfield, which will be based on next-generation 32-nanometer process technology. The roadmap is featured in a report by UBS Securities.

Warner Music Pitching ‘Music Tax’ to Top Universities

From DailyTech: A number of U.S. universities expressed interest in plans for a “music tax,” where students would pay a flat fee as part of their tuition in return for the promise of no lawsuits from the RIAA.

The plan, spearheaded by Warner Music’s Jim Griffin, would essentially free up copyright enforcement resources in place at the RIAA and universities in favor of a “blanket license” of sorts – even though the actual language of the plan simply grants a promise not to sue.

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