Unlocking the iPhone 3G - or maybe not

From CNET News.com: CrunchGear, for one, posted a graphically enhanced, QuickPwn-focused spin on jailbreaking the iPhone and making use of the Yellowsn0w instructions from the Dev-Team Blog. Way at the bottom, though, it points out that "this is all in beta and there is no guarantee of success." It follows with this note:

Dell Reorganizes, Leaves Some Executives Out

From DailyTech: Dell announced this week that it would be reorganizing its global management structure to focus on four customer groups. The reorganization has left some executives looking for work according to CNET News.

Dell will organize its management operations into groups for big businesses, government, and small-medium business. Dell already had a global consumer group.

A-Data Launches New SSD RAID Enclosure

Apple to Give iMovie Big Update: Rumor

From PC World: I've heard that iMovie will largely (if not entirely) be a Web Application and Apple would offer its users to "upload your movies to us and edit them there."

There are currently a few online applications that let you do video editing currently. Google's Youtube is also adding rudimentary editing features.

I am not certain if this means that iMovie is now entirely a Web Application or if Apple is offering a "Cloud" component to its iMovie application.

Chinese court convicts 11 in software piracy ring

From CNET News.com: A court in southern China convicted 11 people on Wednesday of violating national copyright laws and participating in a sophisticated counterfeiting ring that for years manufactured and distributed pirated Microsoft software throughout the world.

The men were sentenced by a court in the city of Shenzhen to terms of 18 months to six and a half years in prison, according to court papers released late Wednesday.

USB 3.0 Storage to be Demoed at CES 2009

From DailyTech: USB 2.0 has been around for a long time now and its successor, USB 3.0, will be coming in the next few years to offer much faster transfer speeds. USB 3.0 will be available with products on the market by 2010 according to the USB-IF, the body in charge of the specification.

Dell Blasts Apple On Greenness, Only To Be Found Lacking Itself

Happy new year from APH Networks, yo

My new year's resolution is 3520x1200 (1920x1200 + 1600x1200) for my main computer, but also comes in 1440x900 for my laptop, 1680x1050 for my other computers, etc etc.

Anyways, "classic" joke aside, we wish everyone a very happy new year -- personally I am very thankful for 2008, and I hope that 2009 will be as good as ever for every one of us. How's something like this:

Details Emerge of AMD Job Cuts, Restructuring

From Tom's Hardware: Reuters reports that AMD yesterday said it laid off 600 people in Q4, which had a knock on effect on the amount of money the company spent on restructuring during the fourth quarter. The extra hundred layoffs saw the company’s total cost of restructuring for Q4 shoot up to $70 million, $20 million more than the estimated $50 million earlier in the quarter. AMD will also need to make further cost reductions early next year to compensate for the extra cash spent.

Creative Labs Touts “Stemcell Computing” with Zii Technology

From X-bit Labs: Creative Technology, a leading designer of audio processors as well as portable digital media players, has launched a teaser web-site that advertises “Zii” and “stemcell computing”.


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