Atlantis Claimed to Be Found Using Google Earth, Google Says Otherwise

From DailyTech: Last week Google Earth, which has recently turned its mapping efforts to imaging the ocean floor, created quite a stir, when someone noticed an unusual image on the ocean floor off the coast of Africa. The blurry image shows a rectangle the size of a small state made up of seemingly perfect straight lines. More lines crisscross the inside of the rectangle like streets.

Leaked Image Believed to be New Mac Mini

From DailyTech: The lowest priced computer in the Apple lineup is also the smallest Mac in the line and it's called the Mac mini. The mini looks much like a thicker Apple TV and crams all the Mac goodness that a person looking for inside the tiny case.

Dell Mini 10 Officially Unveiled

From DailyTech: The netbook market is booming despite many claims that netbooks are cannibalizing sales of more profitable notebook computers. All the major computer makers including Dell, HP, and Lenovo are offering netbooks with the only major holdout being Apple.

Asustek to Make Google Android Netbook, Says Report

From PC World: Google's Android OS continues to extend its tentacles deeper into Microsoft territory. Two weeks ago Archos announced plans to roll out an Android-based tablet phone later this year, and now netbook-pioneer Asustek says it may install Android on an upcoming, low-cost notebook.

Microsoft Readies Vista Update

From PC World: Microsoft has released an almost final version of Vista Service Pack 2 to its testing community.

The release candidate of Vista SP2 is not yet publicly available, but judging by past releases you may not have to wait too long before the official update ships.

Twitter search gains prominence, importance

From CNET Twitter is working to convert its popularity into a business, and Google has shown that search can make money. So it's notable that Twitter is giving its search function new prominence.

AMD’s High-Performance Graphics Update Not Expected to Radically Boost Performance

From X-bit Labs: According to industrial sources with knowledge of the matter, the code-named ATI RV790 graphics processing unit is nothing else but the already shipping ATI RV770 chip with higher clock-speeds. The new processor can operate at higher frequencies since its design is slightly refined, certain erratums (which do not affect performance or stability of the RV770) are corrected and process technology adjustments are made.

Adobe Flaw Heightens Risk of Encountering Malicious PDFs

From PC World: Security companies are warning of a new flaw in two Adobe Systems programs that could compromise a PC merely by opening a malicious PDF (Portable Document Format) file.

Hackers are exploiting the flaw in the wild, although attacks are not widespread yet, according to Symantec and the Shadowserver Foundation.

Intel replies to solid-state drive 'slowness' critique

From CNET After a technology review site claimed Intel solid-state drives slow considerably after extended use, Intel said it has not been able to duplicate the results.

SSDs have been gaining in popularity because independent testing done to date has typically shown that SSDs--especially the newest generation of drives--outpeform hard disk drives.

Hacker Unveils Stealthy Memory Injection Attack in Mac OSX

From DailyTech: Vincenzo Iozzo, a student security researcher at Politchnico di Milano University in Italy, unveiled a startling new attack against Mac OS X computers that allows hackers to inject malicious code into another program’s memory space – and then vanishes as soon as the computer is switched off.

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