Nokia Actively Looking at Mobile Computer Market – Chief Executive

From X-bit Labs: The chief executive officer of the world’s largest maker of cell phones, Nokia, said in an interview that his company might be interested in entering mobile personal computer business. The company did not outline exact plans, but if Nokia starts to sell personal computers, the market may face rather significant changes. There is a problem though: Nokia has once quit PC biz already.

Kingston Readies 24GB DDR3 “ValueRAM” Memory Kit for Desktop Computers

From X-bit Labs: Kingston Technology, the world’s largest producer of memory modules, has demonstrated a desktop system with 24GB of system memory. The company plans to ship the appropriate memory module kit under its “ValueRAM” brand (the kit will not be value) late in the year for those, who uses extremely demanding software or runs several virtual machines on desktops.

Safari 4 rivals Google Chrome in JavaScript race

From InfoWorld: Contrary to Apple's claims, the newest version of Safari is not the world's fastest browser, benchmark scores show. But it is dramatically faster than rivals being built by Mozilla and Microsoft.

Lenovo Cuts 450 Jobs in China

From PC World: Lenovo Group will cut 450 jobs in China, expanding efforts to cut costs as the company struggles with sagging PC sales.

The affected Chinese employees all work in positions that support Lenovo's global business, the company said in an e-mail statement.

Dashboard shows customers Google Apps' health

From CNET The day after a 2.5-hour Gmail outage, Google has launched a promised Google Apps status dashboard to better communicate with customers whether their online applications are up and running.

Apple Execs Say Jobs' Health is Not Deteriorating

From DailyTech: Apparently even when off the job, Apple's divisive, but brilliant leader Steve Jobs is still on the job. At a one hour annual shareholder meeting held at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, executives said that while Jobs was away, he still was putting in a great deal of work directing the company behind the scenes. They said that he was deeply involved in their decision making process.

IPhones Offered for Free with Qualifying Plans in Japan

From DailyTech: Japanese cell phone provider SoftBank has implemented a temporary promotion that offers customers a free 8GB iPhone with a two-year contract. The 8GB version is free with the basic, premium, or student plan. The 16GB version costs ¥11,520 ($120USD) and the cost is spread out over two years as an additional ¥480 ($5USD) added to the monthly fee. This is a common practice often used to tack on additional fees in Japan.

Intel moves against Psion for 'Netbook' trademark

From CNET ntel has filed for a declaratory judgment against Psion Teklogix in order to continue using the term "Netbook" generically. The legal filing also revealed, as a separate matter, that Google would prohibit search advertisements that include the term "netbook."
Psion Series 5 was launched in 1997

What's the difference between a Netbook and a notebook? More than the design, according to Psion Teklogix.

Google adds ads to Google News searches

From CNET Google has extended its AdWords program to Google News searches, delivering text ads on the right side of the search results page, just as Google has long done with normal Web search results.

Josh Cohen, a business product manager at Google, announced the move Wednesday in a company blog:

Google Gmail outage compensation: $2.05 per user

From CNET If your business used Gmail and the service went out for two and a half hours, do you think you lost $2.05 per user in productivity?

That's the monetary equivalent of what Google offered to compensate Google Apps Premier Edition customers after Gmail was unavailable for about two and a half hours on Tuesday. And it was being generous: All it had to offer was the equivalent of 41 cents per user.

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