Intel to Bundle Solid State Drives with Latest Microprocessors

From X-bit Labs: In a bid to popularize sales of solid-state drives, Intel Corp. has reportedly started to bundle its SSDs with its latest Intel Core i7 central processing units. Since both products are targeted at performance-demanding enthusiasts, such bundles make a great sense, however, their significance should not be overestimated as flash-based storage is still too expensive for the mainstream.

Early Mozilla mobile browser has 'showstopper' flaw

From InfoWorld: Early adopters who downloaded the application after it was announced Feb. 10 found it essentially doesn't work. "The bad news is the browser is basically useless for many people," Mark Finkle, a Fennec developer, wrote in a blog post describing the problem.

Nokia Siemens Sells Music2You to IMImobile

From PC World: Nokia Siemens Networks has sold its Music2You (M2Y) music download and subscription service to IMImobile, an Indian mobile technology developer, the companies said Wednesday.

Most GSM Phones Will Use Standardized Micro-USB Chargers by 2012

From DailyTech: The GSM Association (GSMA) has launched a major initiative to standardize power chargers on GSM phones, using its new UCS (Universal Charging Solution) standard. The GSMA wants to ensure that the mobile phone industry adopts a common format for mobile phone charger connections, justifying that the new energy-efficient chargers will result in an estimated 50 per cent reduction in standby energy consumption.

Samsung's 7Gb/s GDDR5 in 50nm Mass Production, Targets 40nm GPUs

From DailyTech: Korean DRAM giant Samsung has been making a lot of technology announcements recently. It touted its high density 4Gb DDR3 chips last month, and showed off its advanced 40nm process for producing 2Gb DDR3 that it plans to introduce by the end of the year.

SanDisk Hopes to Grow Business by Tapping Phone Market

From DailyTech: Most every smartphone on the market, save the iPhone, has a microSD card slot built-in to allow for more storage for music and video over what the internal memory offers. Some phones don't offer internal memory and the microSD card slot is the only way to add storage to the handset.

Apple Begins to Ship 17-inch MacBook Pros

From PC World: Reports indicate Apple is shipping its newly redesigned 17-inch MacBook Pro, the last of its laptops to get a "unibody" aluminum design. The new laptop was introduced at Macworld Expo in San Francisco in January.

Microsoft Renames, Revamps its Phone OS

From PC World: Don't call them Windows Mobile phones anymore. In announcing the latest revision of Microsoft's OS for handsets at Mobile World Congress today, MIcrosoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that henceforth, the devices will be known as Windows phones.

"It's a mouthful to say, 'You want a Windows Mobile phone?'" Ballmer said when asked about the decision to once again re-brand the OS, which has over the years been known as Windows CE and Pocket PC.

Apple is top of mind for execs at MWC

From CNET iPhone maker Apple isn't at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2009 along with the rest of the mobile phone industry, but the company's growing success is definitely top of mind for key executives in the mobile market.

The iPhone and Apple's successful App Store got more than a passing mention on Tuesday during a panel moderated by The Wall Street Journal technology columnist Walt Mossberg.

Yahoo rolls up mobile products into single service

From CNET At the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Tuesday, Yahoo announced a revamping and reorganization of its mobile offerings.

Beginning at the end of March, the company plans to roll out a new test version of its mobile Web start page, along with new smartphone applications that consolidate several of Yahoo's mobile services into one application.


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