Analyst sees Windows 7 done by summer

From CNET Although slumping PC sales will certainly hurt Microsoft, the software maker's year could be better than expected, according to one financial analyst.

Firefox, too, revamping new-tab behavior

From CNET Opening a new tab in a Web browser shows a lot of prime but empty real estate, and now the programmers behind Firefox are following their peers at Safari and Chrome in trying to make it more useful.

Mozilla interface guru Aza Raskin posted screenshots of a new way to fill the new-tab screen with something useful but not too taxing for the computer.

Sources confirm Apple laid off salespeople last week

From CNET Despite public statements to the contrary, Apple did lay off around 50 enterprise salespeople last week, CNET News has learned.

MSI Unveils DDR2+DDR3 Combo Motherboard

From Tom's Hardware: MSI showcased two amazing motherboards at CeBIT: its AM3 board 790GX-8D featuring the 790GX chipset, and its socket 775 board P45-8D using Intel's P45 +ICH10/ICH10R chipset. What makes these two boards so extremely hot is their huge memory capacity, both offering four DDR2 slots and four DDR3 memory slots. Nicknamed as the "Memory Lover," both utilize MSI's power saving technology APS as well as its "DrMOS" high quality voltage converters.

EU Citizens Prefer to Shop Online in Their Own Countries

From PC World: As more and more Europeans start shopping online, a shrinking proportion of them purchase items or services from outside their own country, according to the "Report on cross-border e-commerce in the E.U." published by the European Commission late last week.

Schmidt: Google 'unlikely' to buy Twitter soon

From CNET Google has a short message for those wondering whether the search giant will soon buy micro-blogging site Twitter: "unlikely."

That was Google CEO Eric Schmidt's response Friday when queried on the topic during a wide-ranging interview with journalist Charlie Rose. Schmidt said:

Wolfram Alpha: Next major search breakthrough?

IN BRIEF: China Rejects Asustek Computer from Stimulus Program, Includes Acer, HP, Dell and Lenovo

From X-bit Labs: The Chinese government wants manufacturers of personal computers to tap the rural areas of the country amid global financial crisis by providing incentives to the largest PC vendors. But, apparently, not all the vendors can get those incentives.

Some New 17" MacBook Pros Plagued With Failing Graphics

From DailyTech: For only $2,799 you can buy yourself an entry level new 17" MacBook Pro. And according, to recent reports, your purchase may come with a complementary side of failing graphics.

All Core i7 CPUs Reportedly Memory Multiplier and PQI Unlocked

From DailyTech: Intel's Core i7 CPUs have been on the market for a while now and have proven to be popular with enthusiasts and gamers looking to build new computers. Like Intel's other processor familiar, the Core i7 line includes standard parts and a high-end Extreme Edition with unlocked multipliers and other features.

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