Microprocessor Market Plummets in Q4 as AMD Loses Further Chunk of the Market to Intel

From X-bit Labs: The global economic crisis has not only slowed sales growth of microprocessors, but actually decreased sales of central processing units (CPUs) in the fourth quarter of 2008, according to the most recent data from Mercury Research. More alarming, average selling prices (ASPs) of processors started to get down in Q4 2008, which puts both leading chip suppliers into danger.

Intel eight-core server chip is Nehalem EX

From InfoWorld: Intel confirmed that the upcoming eight-core, 2.3 billion transistor processor it plans to detail next week is the Nehalem EX chip, but the company declined to offer details of the chip ahead of the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) in San Francisco.

"We can't present all the details today that will be presented at the conference next Monday," said Mark Bohr, a senior fellow at Intel, during a conference call with reporters.

Amazon Opens up Payments Web Service to All

From PC World: Amazon continues to expand its set of web services. Flexible Payments Service (FPS), which allows developers to tap into Amazon's payments infrastructure, is now available to all, the company announced on Thursday.

Lenovo CEO steps down

From CNET News.com: Lenovo President and CEO William Amelio resigned Thursday after the Chinese PC maker reported a nearly $97 million loss for its fiscal third quarter.

Yang Yuanqing has relinquished his role as chairman to replace Amelio as CEO, effective Thursday, the company said in a statement filed with Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing. Yang will remain as an executive director and had served as the company's CEO until April 2005 when he was appointed board chairman.

GE Becomes Latest to Give Data Centers a Green Makeover

From DailyTech: Google went green with its data centers long ago. The company, which pushes alternative energy, cited enormous savings as a perk of making the move. Microsoft also bragged about its own greening of data centers.

Google Offers News Feeds for Any Website

From DailyTech: It's not such a good time to be a website owner, but it's an even worse time to be in print publications. The global economic downturn has left many print magazines and newspapers with significant money issues as advertising funds dry up and production and delivery costs increase.

Twitter Members Following Dell Get Special Discounts

From DailyTech: Social networking has proven to be one of the most popular aspects of internet life for many around the world. Millions of people everyday use social networks like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter for all sorts of things from keeping in touch with friends and family to looking for jobs and more.

Recession Dims Mac Sales Outlook

From PC World: The short-term outlook for sales of Apple Inc. 's Macs has significantly slipped in the last month, indicating that the company isn't immune to the recession, a market research company said today.

YouTube Leads Growth in U.S. Online Video Viewing

Skype Upgrade Simplifies VoIP Video Calls

From PC World: Skype is making it simpler to start up a video call and making the quality of the connections better with the 4.0 version of its peer-to-peer communication software.

Previously, callers would set up a VoIP call via Skype and then launch video if the parties had the equipment and desire to hold a video call, the company says. Now they can launch a video call right away.


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