Kanguru Flash Drive Provides Speed

From PC World: Last month, Kanguru Solutions announced the first USB flash drive that also offers External Serial ATA (eSATA) connectivity. This month, OCZ Technology also announced an eSATA-enabled flash drive with up to 32GB capacity, as did Advanced Media's Ridata-brand.

Fry's VP Arrested for Embezzling over $65M

From DailyTech: Fry's VP has allegedly embezzled over $65 million from the retailer to fund a lavish lifestyle that included massive gambling and a penchant for driving Ferrari's. The VP in question is Ausaf Umar Siddiqui and he is accused by the IRS of cutting deals with some of Fry's largest suppliers to buy larger orders of goods from them in return for kickbacks and higher than normal commissions.

Retailers Beat AMD to Phenom II Launch

From PCWorld: Online retailers are taking orders for Advanced Micro Devices' upcoming Phenom II processors, leaking chip details ahead of the company's processor announcement plans for early January.

Two new quad-core Phenom II processors, aimed at high-end desktops, will start shipping on Dec. 27, according to retail Web sites. AMD plans to announce the chips next month at the International Consumer Electronics Show to be held in Las Vegas between January 8 and 11.

Mozilla releases second alpha of Fennec mobile browser

From ars technica: Mozilla has announced the availability of Fennec alpha 2, a new prerelease of the organization's evolving mobile browser. This version includes some much-needed performance optimizations that improve the responsiveness of the program.
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Print news is fading, but the content lives on

From CNET News.com: It's been about 20 years since Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web on the back of the Internet. For more than a billion people on the planet, the Web today is an alternate, digital universe that is gradually overtaking the analog, physical world as a source of information and connections.

Google, Apple, Microsoft Sued Over File Preview

From PC World: A small Indiana company has sued tech heavyweights Microsoft, Apple, and Google, claiming that it holds the patent on a common file preview feature used by browsers and operating systems to show users small snapshots of the files before they are opened.

Samsung Shipped Infected Digital Picture Frames

From PC World: Samsung says that CDs that shipped with many models of its digital photo frames may have included a malicious Trojan horse program that gives cyber criminals access to the PC.

The malicious software, known as W32.Sality.AE lies in the XP version of Samsung's Frame Manager 1.08 software, which ships with many other models of Samsung frames.

Report: RIM accuses Motorola of blocking job offers

From CNET News.com: BlackBerry maker Research in Motion sued Motorola over claims the mobile phone maker is improperly blocking it from offering jobs to laid-off Motorola workers, Bloomberg said.

RIM, in a complaint filed in state court in Chicago, asked for an order invalidating an agreement the companies reached this year not to solicit each other's employees, the news agency said.

Apple News Sites Awash With iPhone nano Rumors

From DailyTech: Apple has a reputation for keeping the American public clinging on its every word, a reputation carefully crafted through a reputation for industry-shaking announcements ever since the release of its fortune changing iPod. The company regularly revamps its iPod line and has launched major products like the iPhone and the MacBook Air at big press events like MacWorld, held each January.

APH Networks Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas!

From all the staff at APH Networks, we wish everyone a very merry Christmas. Whether you are celebrating the day in remembrance of Jesus' birth, a time to gather with friends or family, hunting down the latest Boxing Day sales, catching up some sleep that you've missed out for the past few months, or maybe all of the above, we hope that you will make it an enjoyable time for both yourself and everyone around you.


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