Dell Launches Mini 12 Netbook in Japan

From DailyTech: One of the most interesting new netbooks is the Dell Inspiron Mini 12. The Mini 12 is the big brother to the smaller Mini 9 that Dell introduced officially in September 2008. The main and obvious difference between the two Dell netbooks is the screen size.

Patches Released for Critical Security Issues for Microsoft Windows

From Tom's Hardware: The critical vulnerability, according to Microsoft, is caused by the operating system’s improper handling of specifically crafted remote procedure call (RPC) requests. The problem is already being exploited in the wild and can allow attackers to gain full control of a computer. Microsoft also added that the windows firewall can be used to block such an attack.

Quoting a Microsoft security bulletin:

Five Mainboard Makers to Enable Nvidia’s Multi-GPU Tech on Intel’s Next-Gen Platforms

From X-bit Labs: Nvidia Corp. has announced that five well-known mainboard manufacturers will offer Intel X58-based motherboards that support Nvidia’s SLI multi-GPU technology. Even though it is clear that far not all mainboard suppliers decided to enable SLI, with five different brands offering more than five mainboards, end-users seeking for the highest-performance SLI system will have a rather broad choice.

Toshiba's First Netbook Hits Japan, Overseas Sales to Follow

From PC World: The first netbook-type portable computer from Toshiba hit store shelves in Japan over the weekend, ahead of its upcoming launch in Europe. U.S. sales are currently not planned for the machine.

Graphics market on fire; AMD gains

From CNET The market for graphics processing units (GPUs) saw the biggest increase in third-quarter shipments in six years, according to Jon Peddie Research (JPR), as AMD gained in both the desktop and laptop segments.

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Intel repudiates execs' criticism of the iPhone

From InfoWorld: Intel distanced itself from criticism of Apple's iPhone made by executives at the company's Intel Developer Forum conference in Taipei, saying the comments were not appropriate. The chip maker also acknowledged its own products weren't yet suitable for such a product.

Samsung Profits Slide on Economic Slowdown

From PC World: Operating profit for the period was 1.5 trillion won (US$1 billion), down 38 percent on the same period a year earlier, while sales were off 4 percent at 30.3 trillion won. Profitability declined across the board with its semiconductor sector recording a 78 percent drop in operating profits and its digital media business recording a loss for the three-month period.

Google launches Gmail for Mobile 2.0

From CNET Google on Thursday announced that it has launched Gmail for Mobile 2.0 for J2ME-supported devices such as the Nokia N95, as well as BlackBerry phones.


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