Sun confirms 1,300 layoffs

From CNET Sun Microsystems has laid off 1,300 workers, part of a planned sequence of job reductions first revealed in November when the company announced that it was intending to shed 6,000 people, or 14 percent to 18 percent of its workforce.

The job losses are worldwide, and follow Sun's announcement in December that 130 jobs were going at the company's plant in Scotland.

Google's wildcard watch

From CNET Steve Ballmer, who just announced to the troops that Microsoft was firing 5,000 employees due to the recession, might be excused for wanting to slam his head against the wall at this point.

After reporting quarterly earnings, Google finished Friday up more than $18. So at this point, at least, it's still Google 1, Recession 0. The cool kids have the upper hand--at least for the time being.

What the EU might force Microsoft to do

From CNET The European Union is considering forcing Microsoft to distribute rival browsers as part of Windows, the software maker disclosed in a regulatory filing this week.

As part of its quarterly filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission filed on Thursday, the software maker offered more details on the EU's statement last week that it believes Microsoft's inclusion of a browser in Windows violates antitrust law.

DRAM Giant Qimonda Declares Insolvency

From DailyTech: Qimonda, at one time the second largest DRAM manufacturer in the world, has filed for insolvency under German law, the equivalent of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States. Such action provides creditor protection while it reorganizes its operations and restructures its debt.

Apple Threatens Legal Action Against Those That Mimic the iPhone

From DailyTech: Apple created a fuss when Apple's Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook gave some pointed comments directed towards Palm. The exchange took place during Apple’s recent earnings call. During the Q&A, one of the reporters asks, "There are other iPhone competitors coming to the market: Android, Palm Pre. How do you think about sustaining leadership in the face of these competitors?"

Seagate Employee Explains Firmware Debacle

From Tom's Hardware: Last week, Tom's Hardware reported that an escalating number of Barracuda 7200.11, ES.2 SATA and DiamondMax 22 drives were failing due to a fatal flaw in the firmware which caused the drive to suddenly lock itself up and prevent the BIOS from even detecting it in the system. There is no way of fixing this unfortunately, and the drive needs to be returned for replacement.

Seagate: SSDs are Essential to Our Product Roadmaps

From X-bit Labs: Seagate Technology, the largest supplier of hard disk drives (HDDs) on the planet, said during a quarterly conference call with financial analysts that solid-state drives (SSDs) are indeed crucially important for its roadmaps. Earlier the company tried to stress advantages of HDDs over SSDs and was pretty skeptic about flash-based storage.

Apple Has No Plans for “Low-End Voice Phone”

From X-bit Labs: The rumours regarding more affordable Apple iPhone handsets have been making the rounds for many quarters now, but Apple has never confirmed them. However, during the most recent conference call with financial analysts the company indirectly denied that it has plans to release a more affordable – iPhone nano – version.

Samsung Plans New Netbook, Smart Phones

From PC World: Samsung Electronics plans to follow-up its NC10 netbook in the coming few months with a new model and expand its range of smart phones with models based on a number of different operating systems, it said Friday.

DRAM Maker Qimonda Files for Bankruptcy

From PC World: DRAM maker Qimonda filed a bankruptcy petition with the local court in Munich, Germany, on Friday, seeking time to reorganize its business.

The move came after a financing package involving the German state of Saxony, a Portuguese financial institution and Qimonda's parent company, Infineon Technologies, could not be completed in time, Qimonda said.


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