Yahoo tests Search Pad to ease online research

From CNET As part of its effort to invigorate its search engine, Yahoo has begun testing a new project called Search Pad designed to detect when you've begun in-depth research and help you keep track of your results.

Criticism mounting over Windows 7 security

From CNET Microsoft is facing increasing heat over the security implications of a change designed to make Windows 7 less annoying than its predecessor.

Intel delays Itanium upgrade to add new capabilities

From InfoWorld: Intel on Tuesday said it has delayed the release of the quad-core Tukwila chip, its next-generation 64-bit Itanium processor designed for use in enterprise servers.

The chip maker will now release Tukwila around the middle of this year, Intel officials said. The chip was due for release early this year, but Intel delayed it to add new capabilities to keep the chip in line with future technology advancements.

Google Offers Tool to Let You Track Your Friends' Movements

From PC World: Not content with indexing the world's information, Google is now tracking where users of its maps service are, and making that location data searchable by others.

The tracking feature, called Latitude, will appear on compatible mobile devices in a new version of Google Maps, version 3.0.0. It can also be added as a gadget on iGoogle, the company's personalizable home page service.

Apple Plotting a Quad-Core iMac?

From Tom's Hardware: Late last week AppleInsider speculated that Apple might be getting ready to introduce a new iMac. Citing people familiar with the matter AppleInsider says that the Cupertino-based company has warned that new reseller orders for the high-end 24-inch 3.06 GHz iMac are unlikely to be fulfilled.

Qimonda to Shut Down U.S. Plant as European Union Rules Out Bailout of Chip Maker

From X-bit Labs: Qimonda AG, a struggling maker of dynamic random access memory (DRAM), said it would should down Qimonda memory plant in Richmond, Virginia without paying severance to employees. Meanwhile, an official for the European Union said he saw no reasons in helping Qimonda, which raises questions whether the company can continue production in Europe.

Judge postpones Rambus patent-infringement trials

From CNET Judge Ronald M. Whyte of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California issued an order indefinitely postponing the long-running cases against Hynix Semiconductor, Micron Technology, Nanya Technology, and Samsung Electronics, pending appeals of earlier court decisions.

Shares of Los Altos, Calif.-based Rambus, which licenses technology for high-speed memory architectures, plunged 22 percent in after-hours trading, or $2, to $6.95.

Sun Releases 64-bit Java Plug-In

From DailyTech: With 64-bit adoption rising for both Windows Vista and Windows 7 installations, Sun Microsystems' latest update of Java 6 features enhanced 64-bit support.

Java 6 Update 12 will finally have a 64-bit plug-in, a feature that was first requested in January of 2003, as well as a 64-bit version of Webstart. Java Webstart enables the deployment of standalone Java software applications over a network or the internet.

Microsoft: Windows 7 will have six editions

From InfoWorld: Microsoft unveiled on Tuesday a plan to release six editions of Windows 7 and said all of them will run on a range of hardware, including netbooks.

However, the company is emphasizing two main SKUs (stock-keeping units) of the forthcoming OS -- Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional -- saying these are the ones most customers will buy, according to information posted on Microsoft's Web site.

New Firefox Release Fixes Critical Security Bugs

From PC World: Mozilla developers released the latest version of their Firefox browser Tuesday, version 3.0.6, which fixes several security bugs in the software.

The most critical issues are bugs in the browser's JavaScript and layout engines that could be exploited by attackers to run unauthorized software on a victim's PC, Mozilla said. The flaws also affect Mozilla's Thunderbird e-mail client and SeaMonkey Internet software suite.


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