Lost Xbox 360 Worth $1,000,000?

From PC World: Just how much is a lost Xbox 360 worth? Could it be $83,333 per week? $11,111 per day? $463 per hour? Make that $1 million total, or how much either an extraordinarily irate or incredibly enterprising Yale film major is suing US Airways for, after someone with the airline allegedly swiped or lost his Xbox 360 on or around December 17, 2008 during a flight from New Haven to Cincinnati. $1 million is the maximum amount allowable by law.

Google exec named AOL chief

From CNET News.com: Time Warner has named Google's advertising sales guru Tim Armstrong as chairman and chief executive of its troubled AOL unit.

Current AOL Chairman and CEO Randy Falco and President and Chief Operating Officer Ron Grant will leave AOL after a transition period. Armstrong, a senior vice president at Google in charge of sales, will take over the top post at AOL immediately, the company said in a press release.

VIA Unveils New Netbook Media Processor

From DailyTech: VIA has announced a new Media System Processor (MSP) today called the VX855 that offers among its features the ability to decode full 1080p video. VIA says that the processor supports multiple video standards including H.264, MPEG-2/4, DivX and WMV9 and can play the formats in high bit rates in 1080p resolution.

NVIDIA Backs Away From GTS 240 Rebrand of 9800 GT

From DailyTech: NVIDIA will not be going ahead with its controversial GTS 240 rebrand of the GeForce 9800 GT graphics card, according to a confidential email that DailyTech has seen. The GPU firm has been under pressure from frustrated GPU board partners.

Instead, NVIDIA is telling its customers to focus on three cards using the 9800 GT name. Besides the standard version, there is a reduced power version of the 9800 GT and the 9800 GT OC version.

EVGA Offers End-Users to Test New Technologies Themselves

From X-bit Labs: For years end-users had to rely on product reviews by web-sites or print magazines to understand the benefits of the latest technologies. However, understanding is almost nothing compared to own impressions and even the most thorough product reviews cannot reproduce emotions that one may feel by using a product or technology. EVGA wants to change that and give select end-users a chance to test drive the latest products.

Dell cuts staff worldwide

From InfoWorld: Dell on Wednesday said it had laid off staff at different sites worldwide in an effort to cut costs and streamline operations.

The company did not provide an exact number of employees it had laid off. However a company spokesman said that jobs were cut globally, including sites in Texas and North Carolina.

After Gmail, Google Wants to Search Your Voice Mail Too

From PC World: Google has begun testing a service that will make transcripts of voice-mail messages and make them searchable.

For now, Google will only offer voice-mail transcription to existing customers of GrandCentral Communications, a telecommunications service provider that it bought in July 2007, it said in a posting on the Official Google Blog.

Apple releases iTunes 8.1

From CNET News.com: Apple released an update to its iTunes music management software on Wednesday, adding a host of enhancements as well as support for a new line of iPod Shuffles it released earlier in the day.

In addition to some security fixes, iTunes 8.1 adds new features to Genius--a feature that lets you put songs together in your library that somehow "go great together"--and support for CD imports to iTunes Plus.

Among the other enhancements Apple made:

Software Developers Need to Think Parallel Says Intel

From DailyTech: Multi-core processors have been in the consumer market for several years now. However, despite having access to CPUs with two, three, four, and more cores, there are still relatively few applications available that can take advantage of multiple cores. Intel is hoping to change that and is urging developers of software to think parallel.

ATI Graphics Partners Think Radeon 4870 is Too Good

From DailyTech: The ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB was to drop to $129, while the Radeon HD 4870 512MB was scheduled to be cut to $149. This was supposed to be accomplished primarily through the use of mail-in rebates, which ATI would help offset.

Most of the board partners took up the offer on the 4850. However, due to several factors converging at once, the 4850 can now be picked up for around $120 at several e-tailers, albeit with the mail-in rebate.

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