Microsoft's Windows 7 Beta 1 Leaks

From DailyTech: With Windows 7 scheduled to hit retailers mid-to-late 2009, Microsoft has been working in a frenzy to prepare for its launch. It bumped up the development schedule for Windows Vista's second service pack, airing its beta early this month. Windows 7 itself has been on a tough schedule itself, dropping milestone releases that have been creating a great deal of public buzz.

Fujitsu: No Chances to Merge Hard Drive Businesses with Western Digital

From X-bit Labs: The president of Fujitsu said in an interview that now there is zero chance that the company’s hard disk drive (HDD) business would be sold to Western Digital. Although the unit is believed to be losing money, WD is unlikely to offer proper price due to strong Japanese Yen.

More details of Sony's new laptop revealed

From InfoWorld: Another day, another Sony laptop specification revealed? At the beginning of this week, Sony New Zealand began a teaser campaign for a new Vaio laptop. That was followed by Sony Japan on Wednesday, which offered a visual clue to the new machine, and Sony U.S. on Thursday apparently let the laptop's specifications out of the bag.

The $99 iPhone Exists, Just Not at Wal-Mart

From PC World: All of the hoopla last week over the possibility of a $99 iPhone at Wal-Mart got the analysts fired up. It was supposed to be 4GB with possible slower speeds and cut features. Maybe it was even going to be "Nano."

$99 iPhones would sell a trillion times more than they are currently and crush all of the other smartphones, said Charlie Wolf from Needham research.

HP Releases New Home Servers for Mac, PC Users

From DailyTech: Digital media consumption is growing rapidly thanks to the low cost and easy to use digital cameras and camcorders available today. Many people are now making home movies in digital formats that can easily be shared online and stored on the computer.

APH Networks Reviews: Spire Torq Laptop Backpack

Nintendo Readies Video Distribution Service, Exclusive Video Content for Wii Game Console

From X-bit Labs: Nintendo Wii still cannot play conventional DVDs and it is still unclear when, if at all, it will get that capability, however, Nintendo does understand importance of digital distribution of content and will start to offer appropriate service in 2009.

Businesses Make the Move to Mac OS

From PC World: The Mac OS has long been known as an operating system for graphic artists, creative folks and those who prefer to treat their personal computers as, well, personal. Widespread business use is almost unheard of. But lately there's been a lot of discussion that Apple may be about to make a big push into the enterprise market. Here are four stories about people and companies whose

Microsoft Wages War Against Fake Security Software

From PC World: In the second month of a campaign against fake security software, Microsoft has booted the rogue application "Antivirus 2009" from almost 400,000 PCs, the company recently claimed.

Wal-Mart to start selling iPhone Sunday

From CNET Wal-Mart on Friday confirmed that it will be selling Apple's iPhone 3G beginning Sunday at about 2,500 stores. The price, with a new two-year service agreement with AT&T (or qualified upgrade), is $197 for the black 8GB model and $297 for the black or white 16GB version.

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