Microsoft shares hit 11-year low

From CNET Microsoft's failure to announce more cost cuts sent its shares to an 11-year low on Tuesday.

The company's shares closed at $17.17 on Tuesday after dropping to the 11-year low of $16.36 earlier in the day.

New Study Claims Texting Improves Language Skills in Children

From DailyTech: Dr. Beverley Plester, the lead author of the report and senior lecturer at Coventry University, states, "The alarm in the media is based on selected anecdotes but actually when we look for examples of text speak in essays we don't seem to find very many."

Intel Also Wants to Set "Netbook" Free

From Tom's Hardware: The Courthouse News hosts a copy of the legal filing from Intel (PDF) with a complaint against Psion for its apparent trademarked term of “netbook.” Intel states that the term “netbook” is now adopted by consumers to refer to notebook computers that are “small, inexpensive, and contain less processing power, making them optimal for connecting to the internet (or ‘net’).”

Creative X-Fi to Go into Your Automobile

From Tom's Hardware: The RUNZ CI-7100 features the MMSP2 MPEG video hardware engine, SiRF III GPS chipset and Creative’s X-Fi audio processor all backed by an Intel Dual-core 360/300 MHz processor. The user interface features an intuitive 7-inch digital LCD touch screen capable of displaying 800 x 480 pixels resolution which provides a large and clear display of interface controls, images and video playback.

AMD Demos Six-Core Server Microprocessors

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices has demonstrated its first processors with six cores that will replace existing quad-core chips on the market of high-end servers later this year. The demonstration should emphasize AMD’s ability to create and build such processors as well as convince AMD’s customers that the chips are drop-in compatible with existing infrastructure.

Update: Gmail back after two-hour outage

From InfoWorld: Google's Gmail service was unavailable starting around 10:30 a.m. GMT on Tuesday, but it appeared to come back online for most users around two hours later.

The scope of the outage was not immediately clear, but at least some users in Europe and Asia on Tuesday could not get access to their inboxes or had to wait a minute or more for them to open.

HP Overtakes Dell as Intel's Largest Customer

From PC World: Hewlett-Packard became the biggest customer worldwide for microprocessor maker Intel last year, surpassing rival Dell.

HP, which nabbed the title of world's largest PC vendor from Dell in 2006, accounted for 20 percent of Intel's revenue last year, up from 17 percent in 2007, the chip maker said in its annual report on Monday. Dell accounted for 18 percent of Intel's revenue, unchanged from a year earlier.

Motorola dishes off Good Technology to Visto

From CNET Visto said Tuesday that it has acquired Good Technology from Motorola for an undisclosed amount.

Motorola acquired Good in November 2006 in a move to become a push e-mail player in the enterprise. At the time, Motorola said Good would "extend Motorola's mobile computing capabilities and increase the company's enterprise client base." However, Motorola has bigger problems on its hands. Job one is fixing its mobile unit, which is a plague infecting Motorola.

Update: Red Xbox 360 Elite is Official

From DailyTech: Microsoft has inadvertently confirmed the existence of the rumored red Xbox 360 elite in an official Halo Wars email sent to retailers and games press in New Zealand.

MSI Unveils X-Slim Machines in China

From DailyTech: The netbook class is the fastest growing in the computer industry with Apple being the only major computer maker yet to jump into the market. The netbook offers consumers a low price computer that is capable of performing general computer work in a very compact design.


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