Gateway Goes Low-Cost With New TC Laptops

From PC World: At the start of 2009, during CES, we called it: This is going to be the year of affordable mobile computing. Yes, netbooks aplenty will flood the market, but Gateway has been doing a bang-up job lately of delivering solid-looking larger machines. And the crazy part is that these laptops cost a lot less than you'd expect.

'Vista capable' suit no longer class-action

From CNET In the latest twist in the long-running suit over Microsoft's "Vista capable" marketing program, a judge on Wednesday decided the matter no longer qualified as a class action suit.

According to the ruling, a copy of which is posted on TechFlash, the judge ruled that each PC buyer has to bring their own legal action if they want to seek damages from Microsoft.

AMD Shareholders Vote to Allow "The Foundry Company" Spin Off

From DailyTech: Shareholders of Advanced Micro Devices have approved the financial transactions necessary for the formation of "The Foundry Company" at a second special vote in Austin, Texas. This allows AMD to spin off its fabs into a joint venture with the Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC), wholly owned by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Intel Sues NVIDIA Over Chipset Manufacturing

From DailyTech: Intel and NVIDIA have had agreements in place that allow NVIDIA to build chipsets that support Intel processors. The two firms recently began licensing NVIDIA technology for use on Intel motherboards as well.

Today reports are coming in that Intel has filed a suit against NVIDIA alleging that the licensing agreement in effect does not allow NVIDIA to build chipsets for Intel processors with integrated memory controllers -- including the Nehalem CPUs.

Microsoft Retail Stores a Risky Proposition

From PC World: Microsoft's decision to open retail stores is a calculated risk that will likely prove a more challenging endeavor than Apple's move into retail eight years ago.

Microsoft said quietly last week it would open a chain of retail stores, framing the news in an announcement that it hired former Dreamworks executive David Porter to take on a new role as corporate vice president of a new Retail Stores division at the company.

HP earnings dip nearly 10%, will cut salaries

From CNET Hewlett-Packard is facing the reality of the recession, and finally slipped up on its earnings.

Nehalem servers to anchor Intel cloud computing

From CNET New "Nehalem" servers will anchor Intel's renewed push into cloud computing, as the chipmaker focuses on mega data centers with hundreds of thousands of servers.

Intel's cloud-computing efforts this year will be centered on a new server that uses upcoming Nehalem technology, Intel said Tuesday in a teleconference on its cloud-computing strategy. Nehalem is Intel's new chip architecture currently used only in its Core i7 desktop processors.

Facebook backs down on privacy terms

From CNET Facing a federal complaint from a leading privacy advocacy organization and a revolt of tens of thousands of its users, Facebook on Tuesday night backed down from what many have seen as an onerous privacy policy.

Shuttle's New Flagship SX58H7 HTPC

Intel to Bundle Solid State Drives with Latest Microprocessors

From X-bit Labs: In a bid to popularize sales of solid-state drives, Intel Corp. has reportedly started to bundle its SSDs with its latest Intel Core i7 central processing units. Since both products are targeted at performance-demanding enthusiasts, such bundles make a great sense, however, their significance should not be overestimated as flash-based storage is still too expensive for the mainstream.


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