Atom netbook chip propels Intel to top of market

From InfoWorld: The success of Intel's Atom microprocessor, used mainly in netbooks, helped the chip maker gain market share in every quarter of 2008 and could carry the company this year as well.

Intel's share of the microprocessor market grew every quarter last year, market researcher iSuppli said Wednesday.

The chip maker ended the fourth quarter of 2008 with an 81.8 percent share of global microprocessor revenue, up from 78.4 percent the same time a year earlier.

Palm Invites Developers to Create Apps for Pre Mobile Phone

Microsoft's telephony software gains railroad ties

From CNET Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway is hoping that Microsoft's telephony software can help it replace its aging phone system. But it also hopes the software might help it replace another asset that's getting older: its workforce.

ATI Launches Radeon HD 4890; Over 50,000 Already Shipped

From DailyTech: ATI, the graphics division of AMD, has launched the Radeon HD 4890 video card exclusively with 1 GB of GDDR5 RAM.

Intel: Fabless Semiconductor Developers Will Not Be Able to License Atom Cores for System-on-Chip Products

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp., the world’s largest producer of central processing units, on Tuesday clarified a situation whether third-party fabless semiconductor developers, such as Nvidia Corp., could license Intel Atom core to build their system-on-chips (SoCs) after Intel signed pact with TSMC. Apparently, only developers of actual devices may license Atom cores for their products.

Facebook CFO to Leave the Company

From PC World: Facebook's seasoned CFO will leave the company, the social-networking site confirmed Wednesday.

Gideon Yu was also a vice president. He joined Facebook in August 2007 after working for YouTube and negotiating Google's acquisition of the video-sharing site.

Countdown to Conficker--a bust so far

From CNET April 1, 3:27 a.m. PDT: At F-Secure, a Wednesday morning post says there's still nothing much to report, other than a few April Fools' jokes circulating on the Web:

A Closer Look at Intel's "Nehalem"-based Xeon 5500 Series

From DailyTech: Intel has unveiled its latest Xeon series of CPUs for servers and workstations. The Xeon 5500 series was formerly codenamed Nehalem-EP (Efficient Performance), and is related to the Nehalem CPUs used in Core i7 desktops.

Netflix Hikes Blu-ray Rental Price by 20 Percent

From DailyTech: For many years, renting a movie meant driving to your local video store looking for the film you want to watch. Today we have several alternatives to driving to the movie store including streaming rentals and mail order rentals via Netflix and similar companies.

Microsoft Settles With TomTom in Infringement Suit

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