Old iMac Reincarnated as Dreamcast Game Console

From PC World: If old iMacs that lived immoral lives of sin are reincarnated into garbage disposals and Zunes, then the ones that lived noble and righteous lives are clearly reborn as Sega Dreamcasts.

Intel, TSMC Announce Atom Partnership

From DailyTech: Producing the silicon chips at the heart of the myriad of electronic devices we take for granted today is becoming more and more expensive. As a result of this predicament, many companies that once built their own chips are now outsourcing the manufacturing of chips to other sources.

Facebook fights new Koobface worm, another rogue app

From CNET News.com: Like flies to cow dung, rogue apps are swarming to Facebook.

The popular social-networking site has been hit by what's believed to be the fourth rogue app in a week or so and is investigating the spread of a new variant of the Koobface worm, according to security firm Trend Micro.

The Koobface worm spreads via a message from a Facebook friend that includes a link to what looks like a video, Rik Ferguson wrote on the Trend Micro blog.

AMD appoints new chairman, closes plant deal

From CNET News.com: AMD on Monday announced that Bruce Claflin has been appointed chairman of its board of directors. Claflin replaces Ruiz, who retired from AMD's board. Ruiz is now chairman of the board of The Foundry Company--the chip manufacturing concern that was spun off officially on Monday.

Worm Freezes Laptop Fan, Overheats CPU

From Tom's Hardware: Typically, when we think of a computer worm, we immediately think of a normal, code-based virus. If only that were the case. One gentleman's computer had a real, live worm, crawl into his laptop and do some serious damage.

IBM tries to tackle nanotube chip cooling

From InfoWorld: IBM researchers on Monday said they are looking at ways to improve heat management in carbon nanotube transistors to prevent them from self-destructing.

The researchers have found ways to measure the temperatures of tiny carbon nanotubes, which was not previously possible, said Phaedon Avouris, IBM fellow and manager, nanoscale science and technology, at IBM Research.

Apple gives up a little Internet usage share

From CNET News.com: Apple gave up a little Internet market share in January, according to preliminary figures released Sunday by Web metrics company Net Applications.

Radeon 4870 Gets $50 Price Cut to $149, Radeon 4850 Will Drop to $129

From DailyTech: DailyTech has learned from industry sources that ATI, the graphics division of AMD, is working with its board partners and several major e-tailers to lower prices on some key products.

How long can you live without internet?

Never tried... probably won't last long!
9% (20 votes)
A few hours?
24% (56 votes)
1-2 days
24% (56 votes)
3-4 days
22% (51 votes)
4-7 days
16% (36 votes)
Meh I can go for months or years
5% (12 votes)
Total votes: 231

Dell Launches Green 24-inch LCD

From DailyTech: When it’s time to work on a PC or watch movies, a larger screen allows you to be more productive and makes movies more enjoyable. Dell makes a number of branded PC displays that support HD resolutions and the computer maker has announced a new large display that integrates energy saving features.


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