Sun acquires cloud company Q-layer

From CNET Sun Microsystems announced Wednesday it has acquired Q-layer, a Belgium-based cloud-computing specialist.

Q-layer's technology adds automation to both public and private clouds, allowing companies to simplify the management and deployment of data center applications. Its software will give customers greater flexibility in areas such as servers, storage, and bandwidth, Sun said.

Macworld: Apple Drops DRM For Some Songs, Introduces $0.69 Pricing Tier

From DailyTech: In addition to the usual hardware announcement during Macworld Conference & Expo, Apple also had several announcements regarding its software.

Since its release, Apple iTunes has offered songs for $0.99 -- and has done well, becoming the top online music retailer in the United States -- but will drop DRM for at least 8 million songs. The price tier will change from a single $0.99 to $0.69, $0.99, or $1.29 per music track.

ASUS Showcases Swivel Screen Eee PCs at CES

From DailyTech: For those of you who were hoping that ASUS would try to consolidate its Eee PC product family and make things a little bit easier to peruse, you may have to keep waiting. For those that were wishing that ASUS would add a tablet SKU to the product mix, you're in luck.

Articles Roundup January 6, 2009

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Microsoft Names New President Of Server Business

From CRN: Microsoft said Monday it has promoted longtime executive Bob Muglia to president of the company's server and tools business. Muglia's new title makes him one of only four divisional presidents at Microsoft. It is a recognition of his contribution to the company's growth, Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said in a memo to employees.

Samsung Intros Enterprise Solid-State Drives

From CRN: Samsung Electronics on Tuesday unveiled its first enterprise-class solid-state drive aimed specifically at high-performance applications.

The new drive, unveiled at the Storage Visions Conference in Las Vegas, offers 100-GB capacity and about ten times the performance of standard 15,000-rpm drives, the company said.

Samsung grows an ever-longer list of storage vendors hoping to make solid-state drive technology ubiquitous this year.

Vista's Flaws Surface Again on Eve of Windows 7 Beta

From PC World: Attendees of the International Conference on Cyber Security 2009 in New York Tuesday were reminded of the shortcomings of Windows Vista a day before Microsoft is expected to reveal the first beta for its follow-up, Windows 7.

Microsoft Investigative Consultant Michael Dunner asked attendees how many of them have used Vista as he gave a presentation on the security differences between that OS and Windows 7.

HP offers money for old tech equipment

From CNET Hewlett-Packard has decided to offer people in the United States money in exchange for their old tech equipment, the company announced Tuesday.

The PC maker has had a recycling program for years that lets consumers determine the value of their old tech equipment, then receive a credit for that value toward a new HP or Compaq brand product.

Seagate Unveils Single-Platter 500GB Hard Drive, Slightly Implies 2TB HDDs

From X-bit Labs: Seagate Technology, the world’s largest maker of hard disk drives (HDDs), on Monday formally unveiled its first single-platter 500GB HDD. The new drive itself may be a very cost-effective high-capacity storage option for those who need it, but 500GB platters may enable 2TB (about 2000GB) hard drives in the near future, an unprecedented capacity.

HP adds aluminum-clad Mini 2140 to netbook lineup

From InfoWorld: Hewlett-Packard completed its shift away from Via Technologies' C7 processor with the release of an updated version of its popular Mini 2130 netbook that offers a larger screen and uses an Atom processor.

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