YouTube Pushes HD Video, New Landing Pages

From PC World: Google's YouTube has rolled out a high-definition option for video and created new landing pages to make it easier to find popular video categories.

The changes are part of a series of improvements Google is making to YouTube as it tries to stay ahead of emerging rivals such as Hulu and deal with the problem of users uploading copyright video.

Apple sued over Apple TV

From CNET A maker of wireless set-top boxes has filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against Apple, claiming the company hired away three employees with knowledge of technology that would be included in Apple TV.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Previews Hit the Web

From DailyTech: We now know that the GTX 295 will use dual 55nm GTX 200 GPUs and according to Guru 3D, the specs of the beastie are odd. The 295 has the same memory and core frequencies of a pair of GTX 260 GPUs, but the GPUs enjoy the same shader power of a pair of GTX 280 GPUs.

Oops! Mozilla forgets Firefox 2 patch, must re-issue update

From InfoWorld: A "clerical error" by Mozilla omitted one of the security patches that was supposed to be included in the Windows version of Tuesday's Firefox 2.0 .0.19 release, a company executive said Wednesday.

New York Transfers $650M of Incentives to AMD Spinoff

From PC World: New York's Empire State Development Co. and Public Authorities Control Board voted to approve plans to transfer US$650 million [M] worth of incentives to Advanced Micro Devices' manufacturing spinoff, The Foundry Co.

The funds, awarded to AMD in 2006, are earmarked for the construction of a 300-millimeter wafer fabrication plant in Saratoga County, New York. Construction on the plant must begin before July 2009, according to terms of the original grant.

Adobe squeezes AIR out of beta for Linux users

From CNET Adobe Systems on Wednesday is taking the Linux version of its Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) product out of beta, and bringing it up to speed with the versions available for Windows and Mac users.

Mozilla Disputes Bit9's Claim That Firefox is "Most Vulnerable App"

From DailyTech: A recent security study from Bit9 argued that Mozilla's Firefox was the most vulnerable application and thus a major threat to businesses. One of the chief reasons it gave was the lack of a large-network patching system. For this reason, despite recent security flaws, it did not consider Microsoft's Internet Explorer software, as it assumed that such a patching system dramatically lowered vulnerability.

Apple: No Jobs keynote at Macworld '09

From InfoWorld: n a move likely to spark renewed questions about CEO Steve Jobs ' health, Apple late Tuesday said that the keynote speech at next month's Macworld Conference & Expo will be delivered by Philip Schiller, the company's senior product marketing executive.

Apple also announced that it will no longer exhibit at the San Francisco event, which runs Jan. 5-9, after next month's show.

Firefox Issues Eight Patches for Web Browser

From PC World: Mozilla has issued eight patches for its Firefox Web browser, three of which fix problems classified as critical.

The patches come after security experts have recommended using a browser other than Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 and older versions of IE due to a dangerous vulnerability. Microsoft is due to release an emergency patch for that problem Wednesday.

Yahoo to purge user data after 90 days

From CNET Yahoo said Wednesday that it will makes its user logs anonymous within 90 days as it ups the ante on data retention policies.

In a statement, Yahoo said it would also make user data on page views, page clicks, ad views and ad clicks anonymous as well as its user logs. The only exceptions would be for "fraud, security and legal obligations."


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