Microsoft aiming to recover lost ground in mobile

From CNET Microsoft has made some stumbles in the mobile world, but a strategy shift made more than a year ago will soon pay dividends, the company's top Windows Mobile executive said in an interview with CNET News.

Japanese Game Development Continues Decline

From DailyTech: Japanese market share of the Western game market has been reduced to 20 percent according to an analysis of the Japanese gaming industry by the CESA. The decline is significant as Japanese game development used to maintain a dominant position in the industry especially for home and portable console game development.

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AMD Reports Massive Loss for 2008

From DailyTech: AMD has posted its Q4 2008 and fiscal 2008 earnings reports, and things don’t look good. For Q4 2008 AMD reports revenue from continued operations was $1.162 billion. While that sounds like a lot of revenue, the number is down 35 percent from Q3 2008 and down 33 percent from Q4 2007.

Microsoft to merge Windows Live and Office Live

From InfoWorld: Microsoft seems closer to rebranding its search engine and Live online services under the Kumo name, something that's been rumored to be in the works since last year.

The company confirmed Friday that it will merge its Office Live and Windows Live services into one unified online portal, but did not give a specific time frame for the move and declined to provide any other information.

Microsoft to deliver first IE8 release candidate Monday

From InfoWorld: Microsoft plans to deliver the first release candidate of the next version of Internet Explorer on Monday, according to sources familiar with the company's plans.

IE8 (Internet Explorer 8) has been in its second beta release since August, and a post on Microsoft's IE8 blog on Wednesday said the company was "about to release" IE8 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) for Windows XP and Vista. Sources familiar with the company's plans said the release will be Monday.

Sun confirms 1,300 layoffs

From CNET Sun Microsystems has laid off 1,300 workers, part of a planned sequence of job reductions first revealed in November when the company announced that it was intending to shed 6,000 people, or 14 percent to 18 percent of its workforce.

The job losses are worldwide, and follow Sun's announcement in December that 130 jobs were going at the company's plant in Scotland.

Google's wildcard watch

From CNET Steve Ballmer, who just announced to the troops that Microsoft was firing 5,000 employees due to the recession, might be excused for wanting to slam his head against the wall at this point.

After reporting quarterly earnings, Google finished Friday up more than $18. So at this point, at least, it's still Google 1, Recession 0. The cool kids have the upper hand--at least for the time being.

What the EU might force Microsoft to do

From CNET The European Union is considering forcing Microsoft to distribute rival browsers as part of Windows, the software maker disclosed in a regulatory filing this week.

As part of its quarterly filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission filed on Thursday, the software maker offered more details on the EU's statement last week that it believes Microsoft's inclusion of a browser in Windows violates antitrust law.

DRAM Giant Qimonda Declares Insolvency

From DailyTech: Qimonda, at one time the second largest DRAM manufacturer in the world, has filed for insolvency under German law, the equivalent of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States. Such action provides creditor protection while it reorganizes its operations and restructures its debt.


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