Yahoo's Microsoft tab totaled $79 million

From CNET Yahoo's tab in its efforts to fight off Microsoft last year ran $79 million, according to the company's filing Friday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Yahoo spent much of that bill on outside advisers who helped it weigh Microsoft's proposals, which ranged from a total buyout bid for $33 a share to an eventual offer to acquire only Yahoo's search business. Yahoo rejected all of Microsoft's proposals.

Microsoft's glimpse of the future

From CNET At Microsoft's TechFest, it takes a little imagination to see how the research technologies might eventually come to market.

Intel Quietly Introduces New Quad-Core Xeon Processors

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp., the world’s biggest supplier of central processing units, has quietly unveiled new quad-core processors aimed at uni-processor servers. The new chips trim power consumption and may point to introduction of faster desktop processors based on Core 2 micro-architecture.

Dell records 48 percent drop in net income

From InfoWorld: Dell's net income dropped 48 percent for the fourth quarter, the company said Thursday, as it also announced it is increasing its cost-cutting goal to $4 billion by the end of fiscal 2011 as it tries to come to terms with the recession.

Microsoft Accuses TomTom of Patent Infringement

From X-bit Labs: Microsoft this week filed a patent infringement action against TomTom and accused the leading maker of GPS navigators of patent infringements. The software giant said that it attempted to negotiate with TomTom for a year before taking it to court.

Dell Sees Opening for Atom-based PCs in Small Business

From PC World: Could computers based on Intel's Atom processors, already popular among consumers, catch on for cash-strapped business? Dell seems to think so -- at least in some markets.

"We're exploring that, and there is some potential," said Steve Felice, president of Dell's small and medium business group, during a conference call with reporters.

Google blocks access to paid Android apps on developer phones

From CNET Mobile developers who purchased an unlocked HTC G1 phone from Google discovered this week that they can't run paid applications from the Android Market.

Microsoft Says It Has Fixes for 2,000 Windows 7 Bugs Thanks to Testers

Nokia Actively Looking at Mobile Computer Market – Chief Executive

From X-bit Labs: The chief executive officer of the world’s largest maker of cell phones, Nokia, said in an interview that his company might be interested in entering mobile personal computer business. The company did not outline exact plans, but if Nokia starts to sell personal computers, the market may face rather significant changes. There is a problem though: Nokia has once quit PC biz already.

Kingston Readies 24GB DDR3 “ValueRAM” Memory Kit for Desktop Computers

From X-bit Labs: Kingston Technology, the world’s largest producer of memory modules, has demonstrated a desktop system with 24GB of system memory. The company plans to ship the appropriate memory module kit under its “ValueRAM” brand (the kit will not be value) late in the year for those, who uses extremely demanding software or runs several virtual machines on desktops.


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