Google returns Chrome to beta, touts speed boost

From InfoWorld: Google has reversed last December's decision to ditch the beta label from its Chrome browser , saying it is restoring the moniker to some builds to get faster feedback to developers.

What an IBM-Sun Deal Could Mean

From PC World: Well, I guess it's true: If an enterprise computing vendor lives long enough, IBM will claim it in the end. While I have tremendous respect for Sun, I've never quite been able to figure out how the company has survived this long.

Microsoft set to unleash Internet Explorer 8

From CNET IE 8, as the browser is known, was first shown a year ago and has been in testing for months. The new browser adds security improvements, a private browsing option, as well as the ability to save pre-defined "slices" of a Web page for at-a-glance viewing.

Super Talent Debuts New Performance SSDs, Capacities up to 256 GB

From DailyTech: The field of Solid State Drive (SSD) storage has seen tremendous growth over the last couple years. Last year the industry struggled with latency problems posed by certain JMicron controllers used in many models, but the performance, energy savings, and falling prices continued to lure new customers to SSDs.

Mushkin Enters Solid State Drive Arena With Europe Series

From DailyTech: Mushkin Inc. used to be a top choice for DRAM overclocking enthusiasts at the turn of the millennium. Its DDR RAM was fast, and made for a winning combination with low latency and low prices.

However, it has been overtaken by several companies in the high performance DRAM market in the last several years. Companies such as OCZ Technology have also come out with expanded product lines, including power supplies, peripherals, and Solid State Drives.

Apple Reveals It Intentionally Crippled Bluetooth in iPod touch 2G

From DailyTech: When the iPod touch 2G first came out, one feature that was the subject of numerous rumors was Bluetooth compatibility. The addition of Bluetooth would allow wireless stereo headphones and other cool gadgets to connect to the device.

Instead, users got Nike+, a curious joint venture from Nike and Apple which used the same 2.4 GHz spectrum. Apple insisted at the time that Bluetooth was not on the iPod touch and that Nike+ didn't use Bluetooth.

Mobile Firefox Reaches Beta, Only Out for Nokia N810

From DailyTech: Mobile browsers generally are lacking in features and compatibility. Some independent browser makers like Opera seek to conquer the low end, pushing lightweight browsers like Opera Mini across more of the market while other seek to conquer the high end smartphone market.

Mozilla's new mobile effort, Fennec, falls into the latter category. The new browser is aiming to be the most full-featured touch screen browser yet.

Via design targets first-time Netbook makers

From CNET Via Technologies has released a new Netbook reference design aimed at PC manufacturers that want to start selling Netbooks for the first time.

Google project promotes Chrome, JavaScript

From CNET Ever since Google launched Chrome in September 2008, Google has been touting how fast its browser can run Web-based programs written in JavaScript. Now the company has launched a site called Chrome Experiments designed to show off what fast JavaScript can enable and to encourage adoption of the browser.

Report: Atom to be 62% Cheap PC Sales by Q4 '09

From Tom's Hardware: When it comes to computers, the trend is always headed straight towards making things faster and power capable. But now the low-cost, low-power (in both senses of the word) Intel Atom processor could end up in more than half of entry-level desktop sales at the end of the year.

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