Apple slates laptop event for next Tuesday

From InfoWorld: Apple issued invitations Thursday for an event next Tuesday on its Cupertino, Calif., campus that will tout laptops.

"The spotlight turns to notebooks," the invitation sent to reporters read. The only other information Apple provided was its 10 a.m. PDT kickoff and driving directions to the building where the company will hold the event.

Amazon to offer volume discounts for S3

From InfoWorld: Amazon's AWS cloud computing subsidiary will institute a new tiered pricing structure for its hosted storage service that includes price cuts for high-volume customers.

Simple Storage Service (S3) has reached a level of usage, holding 29 billion objects and handling 70,000 requests per second, that allows AWS to bring down its rates, the company said Thursday.

Yahoo investor: Sell to Microsoft for $22 a share

From CNET Mithras Capital Partners, which reportedly owns more than 1.9 million shares, or 0.14 percent of Yahoo, suggested a new deal Thursday to sell the company to Microsoft for $22 a share, a 74 percent premium on Yahoo's current stock price, Reuters reported. A Mithras Capital partner plans to send a letter proposing the deal to Microsoft and Yahoo on Thursday night, Reuters said.

Seagate Works to Establish Industry Standard for SSD Endurance

From DailyTech: The technology behind HDDs is tried, true, and comfortable for consumers and enterprise customers alike. New technology in the form of the solid state drive (SSD) has slowly trickled into the environment with the promise of much higher performance than the traditional platter-based HDD can provide.

Mozilla locks in Firefox 3.1 features list

Ericsson Attaches Blades for Wind Power to Base Station

From PC World: Ericsson has equipped its environmentally friendly radio base station site concept Tower Tube with built-in support for wind power, in a bid to help operators go green and expand mobile networks to where electricity isn't available, it announced on Thursday.

AMD deal triggers Intel license warning

From CNET After AMD announced on Tuesday that it would spin off its manufacturing assets to a new company partially owned by the Abu Dhabi government, Intel was quick to warn AMD about patent and cross-licensing concerns.

Google Finally Jumps into Video Game Advertising

From DailyTech: Google is the undisputed king of internet advertising and it is always looking for the next big advertising market to jump into. Expanding its advertising market is one of the main reasons Google introduced the open source Android OS for mobile phones.

ATI: Expect DirectX 11 and 40 nm GPUs in 2009

AMD Plans to Produce ATI Graphics Processor at The Foundry Company

From X-bit Labs: The Foundry Company, a contract semiconductor manufacturer controlled by Advanced Micro Devices and Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC), plans to manufacture both AMD microprocessors using silicon-on-insulator (SOI) process technology as well as other chips, including ATI Radeon graphics processing units, using bulk fabrication processes.


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