IBM intros Lotus cloud suite, partners with Skype,

From InfoWorld: IBM has introduced LotusLive, which it describes as a portfolio of integrated Internet-hosted services for social networking and collaboration in workplaces.

LotusLive's Web site is now the portal where all of IBM's Lotus "cloud" offerings are located, including e-mail, collaboration and Web conferencing, IBM announced Monday at its Lotusphere conference in Orlando.

IBM Could Face Mainframe Antitrust Investigation in Europe

From PC World: Florida mainframe manufacturer T3 Technologies has filed a formal complaint against IBM with the European Union's antitrust authority, it said Tuesday. In its complaint, T3 accuses IBM of refusing to sell its mainframe operating system to customers wanting to run it on computers made by T3.

Fake reviews prompt Belkin apology

Cisco plans big push into server market

From CNET Within the next few months, Cisco Systems, the largest maker of networking equipment, plans to release a product that threatens to shake up the technology industry and put the company on a collision course with traditional partners like Hewlett-Packard and IBM.

Retail PC Game Revenues Decline 14% in 2008

From DailyTech: According to numbers released by NPD, PC game sales in the United States fell to $701 million in 2008, down 14% from 2007. During 2007, PC games sales fell by 6%. In comparison, video game console software revenue grew by 26% in 2008 according to a Gamasutra article.

The Gamasutra article goes on to suggest one of the causes for the decline in retail PC game revenue is the changing distribution model consumers can choose from when purchasing their games.

Symantec Faces a New Year of New Threats

From PC World: New year, new threats. And Symantec claims it is ready to defend users against malicious software (malware) attacks now being tried out by well-organized cyber criminals.

Belkin Rep Accused of Paying Consumers for Positive Reviews

From DailyTech: When you read product reviews good or bad online, there is more than a little trust placed on both the reviewer and the site the review is posted on. Reviewers be it professionals or consumers can be unduly harsh or praising of a product for many reasons.

AMD Will Launch Dual-core Neo CPU in 2009

From DailyTech: AMD showed off a new platform at CES called Yukon that featured a new single-core Athlon Neo processor. The HP machine featuring the platform was very thin (think MacBook Air) and looked fantastic. HP is set to begin shipping the notebook in 2009.

LG CEO Says LCD Market has Hit Rock Bottom

From DailyTech: Among some of the hardest hit technology firms in the global economic downturn are LCD makers. As demand for products like TVs, notebooks, and other products using LCDs dropped, companies like LG, the world's second largest LCD maker, have been on rough times.

Sony P Ships at 1.3GHz in U.S., 1.6GHz in UK

From Tom's Hardware: During CES, we had heard that the P Series would pack a 1.6 GHz processor and we were pretty happy with that. We know some of you were crossing your fingers for something more powerful, but your prayers have gone unanswered; but it looks like that’s the least of your worries if you're planning on purchasing one of these, depending on where you live.

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