Apple Winning Over Businesses with iPhone

From DailyTech: Apple has shown terrific growth over the past decade after virtually collapsing in the early 90s. However, one segment that it has never really been able to win back is the business sector. Not since the days of Apple IIe's or further back has Apple really enjoyed strong business adoption. And the business sector, consisting of everything from business laptops, to servers and business phones, is a huge revenue source so this was a big loss for Apple.

How many TVs do you have at home?

36% (66 votes)
39% (71 votes)
25% (45 votes)
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AMD jumps into the netbook fray

From InfoWorld: Advanced Micro Devices is jumping into the mini-notebook space, delivering processors starting in 2009 for small laptops that can run basic applications like Web surfing and e-mail, the company said Thursday.

The processors will be designed to fit in laptops with screens smaller than 10 inches and targeted at users who want secondary laptops, AMD said

Google Increases U.S. Search Dominance in October

From PC World: Google continued to increase its U.S. search share dominance in October, widening its lead over Yahoo and Microsoft.

In October, Google's share of Web searches by people in the U.S. rose to 71.7 percent, up from 71.2 percent in September and 64.5 percent in October of 2007, according to market research company Hitwise.

Sprint's Nextel nightmare lingers

From CNET Sprint continues to be haunted by its $35 billion acquisition of Nextel Communications in 2005 as the company is forced to divest some of its Nextel network and is still struggling to get its finances back on track.

Xirius? SM? Former Competitors Merge Channel Offerings

From DailyTech: Yesterday was a chaotic day for fans of satellite radio: Sirius XM took the opportunity to shuffle its channel offerings Wednesday, as part of a larger effort to consolidate redundant programming between two formerly-competitive networks.

Mainboard Manufacturers Suffer from Declining Orders for Mainboards

From X-bit Labs: The demand towards mobile computers in the recent years resulted in outselling desktop personal computers by laptops in Q3. The impact of such success of portable systems on makers of desktop mainboards is hard to overestimate as the growth in their market segment may be negligible, or even negative.

Microsoft kicks off next era of small business software

From InfoWorld: Microsoft released on Wednesday an updated bundle of infrastructure servers for small business and its first-ever offering tailored to midsized businesses, and said the two would evolve alongside the company's software-plus-services strategy.

AMD seeks redemption with 'Shanghai' chip

From CNET The No. 2 PC processor supplier will make the case that Shanghai is not Barcelona. The latter chip--AMD's first quad-core processor--was rolled out in September 2007 to great fanfare but then faced prolonged delays. This gave Intel an opportunity to regain ground it had lost to AMD in the server chip market. (AMD lost more than five percentage points to Intel in the server market during the third quarter of this year, according to various reports.)


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