Flying to Defcon with no ID

From InfoWorld: Before Sherri Davidoff flew out to Defcon this year, she made sure to cover up the "Global Hacking Permit 230291" sticker on her laptop with a photo of two adorable puppies.

She figured it might help things go a little more smoothly at Logan International Airport, where she eventually managed to clear her way through the Transportation Security Administration's security screening and fly out to this week's hacker convention in Las Vegas without using any ID.

PC Industry Scared Netbooks May Hurt Laptop Sales

From PC World: Advanced Micro Devices has no immediate plans to release a processor designed for low-cost laptops, sometimes called netbooks, saying its not yet clear whether or not growing shipments of these devices will cannibalize sales of mainstream laptops.

Report: India isn't just for outsourcing anymore

From CNET India is starting to assert itself as a center of high-tech innovation, according to a study set to be released Monday morning.

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65% (112 votes)
Total votes: 171

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Articles Roundup August 8, 2008

Intel Core i7: Intel Sets the Official Brand-Name for Nehalem Chips.

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp. has set the brand-name under which it will market its processors based on the Nehalem micro-architecture. Surprisingly, the company decided not to drop the “Core” name and the new chips will be available as Intel Core 7i central processing units (CPUs).

Google Says $1B Investment in AOL May Be Impaired

From eWeek+Reuters: Google Inc's 5 percent stake in Time Warner Inc's AOL unit may be worth less than the $1 billion the Web company paid for it in 2006, Google warned in a regulatory filing on Thursday.

"We believe our investment in AOL may be impaired," Google said in its latest quarterly financial filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

ASUS to Launch S101 in September with 64GB SSD

From DailyTech: ASUS is the firm mostly responsible for kicking off the netbook trend with its Eee PC computers. The Eee PC at first was a small, lightweight netbook that ran on Linux and was intended mostly for surfing the net, listening to music, and chatting with friends.


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