Mozilla to pull anti-phishing feature from Firefox 2.0

From InfoWorld: Mozilla will drop anti-phishing protection from the final version of Firefox 2.0 at Google 's request when Mozilla updates the browser later this month, a company executive confirmed Thursday.

When Mozilla rolls out Firefox, the browser will be missing the anti-phishing feature that the aging browser has sported since it debuted in 2006, said Mike Beltzner , director of Firefox, in an e-mail Thursday.

Adobe Admits New PDF Password Protection Is Weaker

From PC World: Adobe made a critical change to the algorithm used to password-protect PDF documents in Acrobat 9, making it much easier to recover a password and raising concern over the safety of documents, according to Russian security firm Elcomsoft.

Second Firefox 3.1 beta due 'very shortly'

From CNET One big change in the 3.1b2 is the addition of "Web workers," a feature that lets the browser process tasks in the background. That feature, part of the still-evolving HTML 5 specification, adds another level of sophistication for programmers writing Web applications and gives multicore computers a better way to use their processors' abilities.

Chipmakers Feel the Pinch Created by Low-cost Netbooks, Notebooks

From DailyTech: Notebook computers are becoming the majority of computer system sales for many computer makers. With notebooks being such a large portion of sales a decline in notebook shipments and overall weakness in the segment can put a significant strain not only on the computer maker, but on chipmakers as well.

Yahoo technology will offer abstracts of search results

From InfoWorld: Yahoo's lab in India is developing technology that will summarize information about Web search results rather than simply offer links as search engines currently do.

"When you type in a search today, you get a list of URLs (uniform resource locators), and they are not very informative," Rajeev Rastogi, vice president of Yahoo Labs Bangalore said on Thursday.

Second Google Phone 'Agora' Out In January: Available Now for Pre-Sale

From PC World: The world's second Google phone, based on the Android mobile operating system, is set to launch at the end of January. Manufactured under the Australian Kogan brand, the phone will come in two flavors, for $225 or $295.

IBM offers a 'Microsoft-free' desktop

From CNET The tech pioneer is launching a Linux-based collection of virtual desktop applications that run on a server without the need for desktop hardware--or Microsoft software, according to a report Wednesday evening on The Wall Street Journal's Web site. The Linux-based software package, which is available now, runs on a back-office server and is accessible to customers on thin clients, the paper reported.

ASUS Adds HD Capability to New Eee Box Models

From DailyTech: ASUS has announced that it will update its Eee Box with the ability to enjoy hardware-accelerated HD content output to LCD TVs. ASUS claims that its newly announced Eee Box B204 and B206 computers are the world's smallest desktop PCs with HD capability.

Nvidia reiterates interest in mini-laptops

From InfoWorld: The netbook market is growing, and it could branch out into product categories such as smartphones and multimedia netbooks that can handle graphics effectively, said Marv Burkett, the company's chief financial officer, on a webcast from the Credit Suisse annual technology conference being held in Scottsdale, Arizona.

"We're not saying we're not interested; it's a matter of how the market will evolve," Burkett said.

EA Buys J2MSoft in Another Move Into Online Games in Asia

From PC World: Digital game developer Electronic Arts (EA) announced its second move into Asia's online game market on Tuesday, by buying South Korean online game developer J2MSoft Inc.

"This is a significant step in EA's strategic plan for developing and publishing online games in Asia," said Jon Niermann, president of EA Asia, in a statement.

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