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By: Derek Lun (Guest Writer)
February 15, 2013

Harro everybody, my name is Derek Lun. I am a new guest writer here at APH Networks. In case you couldn’t tell by my introduction, I am Chinese. Do you know who else is Chinese? My dad. It must be genetic or something. Let me tell you a little known fact about my Asian parents. They watch every move I make. Also, much like the news on TVs, they amplify anything negative. You know that quote “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest”? Well, the combination of these two behaviors can rival the power of compound interest. I guess Einstein has never met any Asian parents. That two minute of me playing Tetris Battle on Facebook is nothing in comparison to the solid eight hours of caffeine-aided studying. However, over the years, my dad has mellowed out. Perhaps I am beyond redemption? So, let us fast forward to today. I have this box sitting in my living room for the past two weeks. Nowadays, my dad won’t bother to ask what I am doing with anything. If he did, it will certainly eat up too much of his time. This time was different. I am dealing with more than two horsepower of power over here. At full load, this new toy of mine will draw almost enough power to trip a fuse in a house built to spec of the U.S. building code. This certainly raises a red flag, and snaps my dad back into his old habits. Maybe he was worried that I might burn down the house again? Yes, I am talking about the Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1500W power supply. Currently, there aren’t many choices for power supplies with 1000W rating in the consumer market, let alone 1500W. So stick around and find out what this beast is capable of!

Our review unit of the Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1500W came in a giant brown corrugated box with the Cooler Master logo on it. The box suffered minor dings and scratches along the way here at APH Networks, but all the cargo inside survived the journey. Considering the transfer across the Canadian border, USPS and Canada Post did a really good job and maintained the box in great condition. The box is filled with Cooler Master goodies such as the Cooler Master TPC 812, which our Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Kwan covered a few months ago.

Our review unit of the Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1500W came in its retail packaging. Being super colorful and all, it is certainly able to grab my attention, which is a great thing. Unfortunately, maybe because of my mild color blindness, the retail box’s artwork looked somewhat confusing as well. The contrast between the giant “M2” and the background seems a bit too low. It took me more than split second to recognize those two characters. Even its main selling point, the line “1500W”, took me a quarter of a second to find. The cheesy lightning isn’t helping either. Sadly, all Silent Pro M2 series share exactly the same artwork sans the wattage rating. However, do not be fooled by the artwork. Weighing over 10 pounds, this package is a beast. Did your mother ever teach you “You can never judge a book by its cover?” Maybe I am being too harsh, but just take a look at our photo above and you can be the judge.

Before we take a look inside, let’s take a look at the specification of the Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1500W power supply, as obtained from the manufacturer’s website:

- Model: RS-F00-SPM2
- Type: ATX 12V V2.3
- Dimension (W x H x D): 150 x 220 x 86 mm
- Input Voltage: 90-264Vac (Auto Range)
- Input Current: 18 - 9A
- Input Frequency Range: 47 - 63Hz
- PFC: Active PFC (>0.9)
- Power Good Signal: 100-500ms
- Hold Up Time: >17ms
- Efficiency: 88% Typically
- MTBF: 100,000 Hours
- Output Capacity: 1500W
- Operation Temperature: 0~40°C (Nominal Input Voltage)
- Regulatory: TUV / CE / UL / FCC / BSMI / GOST / C-tick / KC / CCC
- Fan: Silent HDB 135mm
- Certifications: 80 Plus Silver
- Connector:
* M/B 24 Pin Connector x 1
* CPU 8 Pin x 2
* PCI-E 8 Pin x 3
* PCI-E 6+2 Pin x 9
* SATA x 12
* 4 Pin Peripheral x 5
* 4 Pin Floppy x 1

The internal layout of the Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1500W packaging is simple and efficient –- no room to spare, if you are wondering. I cannot imagine having a bigger and heavier box for a consumer power supply. Everything that I have expected is here, all without the guilty feeling of harming mother earth. It comes with a user manual, bag of screws, AC power cable, and enough modular cables to power up 1500 watt worth of computer parts. The cables are simply twist tied out of the box. One has to admit, a 1500W PSU is definitely way up there in the enthusiast grade. Why did Cooler Master choose to go with such a simple internal design with no eye candy of any sort? But then again, most of the packaging ends up in a landfill anyway, so who am I to complain.

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