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Corsair CX750F RGB 750W Report

By: Jonathan Kwan
December 18, 2020

When I started my new job after receiving my PhD in electrical engineering back in September, I was asked to acquire a new cell phone along with a plan. The requirements were fairly straightforward: The phone needs to be an Apple iPhone 11, carrier must be Telus, and the plan has to cover usage in all of North America. As far as money is concerned, the initial cost of the phone should be around $100, but whatever that rolls into the monthly plan does not matter much. With that in mind, I got to work. The best deal I could find at the time was at Best Buy for $100 off the carrier price. I thought I could do better, so I walked into the store and decided to try some classic textbook negotiation tactics to see how much more I could get. As it turned out, I did pretty well. In addition to the advertised $100, I ended up getting an additional $200 discount stacked on top. Was all this negotiation necessarily? Probably not. This is a work phone and everything is paid for by the company anyway. Truth to be told, I just like to negotiate for the sake of negotiating, and maybe a thing on the side for not spending excess money even if it is not mine. What I can say is a lot of times in life, there are things that are not necessary, but still could be nice if you really get around to it. One of such things is RGB LED lighting. Is it necessary? Not really. Is it nice to have? For the most part, yes. How about a power supply with RGB LEDs? That is your call. In the past, we have covered two models with such a feature; namely the FSP Hydro PTM+ 850W and GAMDIAS ASTRAPE P1-750G 750W. Unfortunately, both power supplies are not that great for reasons unrelated to its RGB LEDs. To see if we have an RGB LED PSU before the end of 2020 that is actually good, we took in a Corsair CX750F RGB 750W to find out. Read on to see what is inside!

Our review unit of the Corsair CX750F RGB 750W came in a medium-sized brown corrugated cardboard box from Hong Kong. I cannot remember the last time I received a review sample directly from Asia, haha. It is nice to see something shipped out of the place I was born in. Using FedEx International Priority, everything arrived in mostly acceptable condition to us here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for our review today. The box looked a bit crushed and beat up, but the contents inside looked just fine.

The retail packaging of the Corsair CX750F RGB 750W is immediately recognizable to anyone who has seen hardware from the company at your favorite local retailer. The predominantly yellow front color scheme is complemented by black surfaces on the side, contrasted by the white text on the darker shades and black text on the lighter shades. A photo of the power supply in three-quarters view occupies majority of the real estate in front. At the top left corner, you will find Corsair's logo. The name and description of the product is printed at the bottom, which is "Corsair CX750F RGB 750W" and "RGB ATX Power Supply". There is also an 80 Plus Bronze badge. Further feature highlights and product information such as specifications, fan speed profile, and efficiency curve can be found on the remaining sides of the box.

Before we move on, let us take a look at the specifications of the Corsair CX750F RGB 750W, as obtained from the manufacturer's website:

Adjustable Single/Multi 12V Rail: No
ATX Connector: 1
ATX12V Version: v2.4
Continuous output rated temperature C: 40°C
Continuous power W: 750 Watts
Fan bearing technology: Rifle Bearing
Fan size mm: 120mm
MTBF hours: 100,000 hours
Multi-GPU ready: Yes
Warranty: Five Years
80 PLUS Efficiency: Bronze
PSU Form Factor: ATX
iCUE Compatibility: No
Zero RPM Mode: No
Cable Type: Sleeved and flat, white cables
C-Link Ready: Yes, via lighting controller (purchased separately)
Dimensions: 150mm x 86mm x 140mm
EPS12V Connector: 2
EPS12V Version: v2.92
Floppy Connector: 0
Intel C6C7 sleep state compatible: Yes
Modular: Fully Modular
PCIe Connector: 4
SATA Connector: 8
Modern Standby: Yes
Special Technology:
- 120mm RGB Fan
- Push-button for manual RGB control: RGB-In port for software control
- ARGB Compatible (with included adapter)
- OVP (Over Voltage)
- UVP (Under Voltage)
- SCP (Short Circuit)
- OTP (Over Temp)
- OPP (Over Power)

The Corsair CX750F RGB 750W's retail package can be opened by a flap along the bottom. Upon opening the box, you will find the bundle is simple and with a reasonable amount of extras. What you will get is the Corsair CX750F RGB 750W itself inside a bubble wrap bag, four screws, AC power cable, modular cables, RGB connection cable, cable zip ties, and a product manual.

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