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By: Jonathan Kwan
July 29, 2011

Exactly three months ago, we have introduced you to the funny named FSP AURUM Gold 600W power supply. To understand what is so funny about the name of this power supply, it requires a little bit of cross-cultural background knowledge. In the same way it is redundant to go out and call someone a 'fat American' or 'drunk *ahem*' (Let's not go there, because I will get sued), one thing we should all understand before starting this review this morning, is 'Aurum' means nothing other 'Gold' in Latin. So why would FSP make up a name that literally means 'Gold Gold'? While only FSP's marketing department can answer that particular question, a more important one actually remained at the back of my head since April. To put it in terms we can all understand, let's just say if Pete Seeger is interested in computer power supplies -- and forgive us if he is -- the question we should be hearing about the FSP AURUM Gold series is, "Where have all the modular cables gone?" Well, rejoice geeky Pete Seeger and friends: Because FSP have learned, and not long after the release of the original FSP AURUM Gold series of power supplies, along came the modular version of it. Aptly as the FSP AURUM CM Gold series, is the 'cable management' series of FSP's excellent flagship line of PSUs still the right product to buy? Once again, we disassembled one here at APH Networks, and took a look at what's under the hood.

Our review unit of the FSP AURUM CM Gold 650W power supply arrived in a larger-than-medium sized, brown corrugated cardboard box from FSP's American offices at Chino, California, USA. Using UPS Standard, it made its usual route up north to our Canadian location here at Calgary, Alberta. It was dropped off at our doorstep in excellent condition as always. Coming in just in time for my new system build, I excitedly whipped out my pocket knife, sliced the packing tape apart, and without further delays, went straight to work.

If the name of the product did not get the point across the first time, FSP made sure you did when you look at the retail box. Using the same packaging design as its non-modular counterparts, the black and gold color scheme is clean and elegant in every way; creating a distinct contrast to clearly highlight its 80 Plus Gold certification. To give a quick count of the stuff printed in gold, we have the FSP logo at the top left corner, '&' symbol of the "Gamers & Workstation" wording at the upper right corner, background behind the "AURUM Series Gold 650W" tag, 5-year warranty badge, 650W indicator flag and "Reliable Performance" slogan, and the gold colored perimeter. Even the power supply itself, designed with a black and gold color scheme, has its photo presented with a golden glow at the back boldly across the center of the box. At this point, if you are still missing the point, an 80 Plus Gold badge can be found at the bottom left corner. Yep, the FSP AURUM CM Gold is 80 Plus Gold certified. I know, it is quite surprising.

Before we move on, let's take a look at the specifications of the FSP AURUM CM Gold 650W PSU, as obtained from the manufacturer's website:

COOLING Fan(s): Single, 120mm PWM Controlled FDB Fan
OUTPUT CONNECTORS: MAIN 20+4PIN, (4)PCI-E 6+2Pin, (1)4+4 PIN, (8)SATA, (5)MOLEX 4-PIN, (1)FDD 4-PIN
Unit Dimensions: 5.90” (W) x 6.3” (D) x 3.35” (H); 150mm(W) X 160mm (D) X 85mm (H)
Unit Weight: 4.4 LB (S)
Retail Package: 10.6" (W) x 14.1" (D) x 3.9" (H) @ 7 lbs

Input Voltage: 115V AC to 230V AC, 47 ~ 63Hz
Power Factor Correction (PFC): ACTIVE PFC | FULL RANGE
Input Current: <10A @ 115 Vrms, 63 Hz. <5A @ 230 Vrms, 53 Hz.
Input Protection: Patented Input Fuse Protection

+12V RAILS: 4
Output Voltage: +3.3V DC, +5V DC, +12V1 DC, +12V2 DC, +12V3 DC, +12V4 DC, -12V DC, +5Vsb DC (Standby)

Upon opening the flap, I was given an extremely positive impression of the FSP AURUM CM Gold power supply. The internal retail package content layout is really like no other -- not even the original FSP AURUM Gold series. However, just because it is like no other in classiness and style, does not mean the company wasted a lot of money creating lots of garbage in the end. As shown in our photo above, laid out in a very organized manner is the FSP AURUM CM Gold 650W itself in the middle; right under where the prominent tag "Play Time" is found. Situated on both sides of the focus are more two individual boxes, where bundled modular cables and the power cord is found corresponding to the labels above. Additional Velcro straps, four thumbscrews, FSP case badge, and a manual is also included. At this point, "time to enjoy your new device" is the right way of putting it, haha.

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