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Page 4 - Minor Tests and Conclusion

Using our power supply tester which exerts minimal load on the power supply, the initial consumption was 14W as measured by our wall meter unit -- indicating that the basic load-free power consumption of the power supply is within average.

Voltages with minimal load is generally very accurate, which is a basic requirement of power supplies. PG is measured at 310ms, again within average of 300-320ms.

Under real life usage scenarios, I installed the Tagan ITZ 700W into our test computer. Despite low load -- our wall reading indicates a power consumption of roughly 100W idling -- the fans generate quite a prominent middle/low frequency whooshing noise. Although not as loud as high power push/pull fan designs, it still retains properties of such a design -- along with the fan rotation noise and the 'wind tunnel' noise created from it. For a silent computing platform, I would take the noise factor into serious consideration. However, if other components in your system overcomes the noise the Tagan ITZ 700W generates -- in which many components will in a stock-cooled system -- then this is certainly a power supply constructed with pretty good quality, at least from physical inspection, its neat interior component management to its long, sleeved exterior cables.

Special thanks to Naninni at Tagan for making this report possible.

The Tagan ITZ 700W is a great looking power supply and physical construction quality looks good. The switch for combining its four +12V rails into one acting rail for massive 56A makes the Tagan ITZ 700W a unique power supply on its own.

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