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As proved popular by enthusiasts, the Channel Well Technology OEMed Thermaltake Toughpower QFan 650W power supply is built on the CWT PSH design. This explains why many websites with professional load testing machines report that this power supply had very good performance across the board; accurate voltages, low voltage ripples, and reasonable efficiency. A reasonable amount of room is taken up by the components, which means that it's probably not too crowded to inhibit cooling ability. Like most bottom-mounted fan designs, this open design will allow easy low-resistance airflow for the bottom mounted 140mm fan to easily bring air across components inside the Toughpower.

At the back is a PCB that holds all the modular cable connectors. Generally speaking, the "cable-man" board (As what they wrote on the PCB lawl, I mean, "haha") has the contacts done pretty well; the quality of the power supply is considered when they manufactured it.

The side of the power supply. The initial transient filtering stage are placed near the mesh of power supply housing. Secondary capacitors observed in the photo above are Samxon units. A total of two X-capacitors and seven Y-capacitors are counted.

Meanwhile, the cabling inside is done fairly nicely; the wires are soldered into the board cleanly. A black circular plastic guard is installed around the edge of the opening in the cable lead out area. The non-detachable cables are sealed to around a centimeter before the guard, not after; unlike many new power supplies.

There are three unpainted aluminum heatsinks. They are actually quite large; with relatively long and dense teeth -- much unlike the simplicity of the Seasonic M12II 500W design. The primary capacitor used on the Thermaltake Toughpower QFan 650W is a Hitachi capacitor. A Viking B-2 Class 130 transformer can be seen as well.

Three iron ferrite coils are used for the transient filtering stage. I just missed it in the shot above, but right before the first coil shown in the picture above, a short metal oxide varistor is placed next to the fuse.

An Evercool 140mm fan is installed inside the Thermaltake Toughpower Cable Management 650W power supply. It's kind of unique, as I don't see many white fans all that often, never mind power supplies. Thermaltake calls it "QFan" because of the variable fan speed controller to adjust the fan based on load to maximize quietness.

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